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Since most greyhound and animal-protection groups nationwide do indeed speak out about the immense suffering involved with greyhound racing, "the effect of this `blacklist' would be to cut off most avenues for the adoption of ex-racing greyhounds," said Susan Netboy of the Greyhound Protection League.
Following the recent publishing of extracts from new organisation The Greyhounds' Voice's report on greyhound welfare, today the Racing Post presents similar extracts from the National Greyhound Racing Club evidence for the Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare Inquiry (APGAW) into the Welfare of Racing Greyhounds in England, to be submitted by the stewards of the NGRC
I wish they would go to people who are really causing suffering to greyhounds.
Through the American Greyhound Council (AGC) a joint effort of track operators and greyhound breeders and trainers, the industry funded a number of programs designed to care for the welfare of racing greyhounds.
Many welfare-minded friends and I welcome the proposal for an independent greyhound welfare body and would strongly support kennel inspectors and the transportation of greyhounds to be carried out by an independent body, i.
The welfare of retired greyhounds has become a very live issue in recent years and the IGB is active in the field and have been re-homing greyhounds in countries right across Europe.
The Trust is always on the look out for volunteers to walk the dogs, to help raise funds and ensure the charity can continue its great work in caring for retired greyhounds until homes are found for them.
Sadly, over 25,000 greyhounds are put to death every year in the UK and Ireland.
Mahoney hinted that the group wants "to incorporate greyhound history and greyhounds in art - both topics rich with interesting information - in an effort to increase appreciation of this special breed and to attract a larger audience to this milestone event.
They're just so grateful that they say, hey, I like this house-dog stuff," said Woodside resident Lisa Pinto, who takes care of greyhounds such as Dauber until they find permanent homes.
Thousands of greyhounds are destroyed every year once they are retired from racing, average age three to four years old.
The greyhound racing industry is a lot smaller these days than it once was, but according to international greyhound protection organisation Greyhound Action over 15,000 greyhounds are still being "put down" every year after failing to make the grade as racers or when their "careers" on the tracks come to an end.