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spur, 1
1. An appendage to a supporting structure, as a shore, prop, or buttress; a decorative appendage of the base of a round column resting on a square or polygonal plinth, set at the corners, and taking the form of a grotesque, a tongue, or leafwork. Also called a griffe.
2. A spere.
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Lots of my listeners only knew about the sport from the film Dodgeball and didn't actually realise that dodgeball was a real sport until they heard about the Dragons on my show," Griff explained.
Oh, and viewers beware - at one point there's a shot of Griff having a bath.
Once the train finally leaves Nairobi station, it moves for a few moments before coming to a halt: "It's lost a little of its romance and glamour", Griff sighs.
Available next week for in-studio television appearances (October 6-11th) and or at Griff and Son's Hometown Auto Repair at 10 Clark Street in Harrington, Delaware
In order to get a sense of the landscape the monarch would have enjoyed, Griff unearths the sort of Tudor architecture she would have seen, and - perhaps most revealing of all - he digs up actual first-hand accounts of her visits to the towns along the way.
Mark Lloyd, chief executive of the Angling Trust, said yesterday: "We take great exception to Griff Rhys Jones's calls.
You just know that plucky little Griff will warm Einar's petrified heart.
Soon after her birth at South Farm (then known as Arbury Farm) her family moved to Griff House where she lived from 1820 to 1841.
a leading investment bank to the global financial services community, announced today that John Griff, previously CEO and Co-Head of Global Fixed Income at HSBC Securities (USA) Inc.
Division Two: Ansley (137 for 3) lost to Bedworth (152 for 4) by 15 runs; Atherstone (97 runs for 3) beat Collycroft (96 for 7) by 7 wkts; Attleborough Sports (82 for 6) lost to Griff & Coton (132 for 7) by 50 runs; Stockingford-Haunchwood (122 for 8) beat Burbage (84 for 5) by 38 runs.