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spur, 1
1. An appendage to a supporting structure, as a shore, prop, or buttress; a decorative appendage of the base of a round column resting on a square or polygonal plinth, set at the corners, and taking the form of a grotesque, a tongue, or leafwork. Also called a griffe.
2. A spere.
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Reservoir felin de l'agent de la maladie des griffes du chat, Bartonella henselae, en region Parisienne: resultats preliminaires.
Dave, non sans mal, sauve Tobie des griffes d'Evelyn, precipitant la meurtriere au bas de la falaise.
She's very effective in getting things done," says Matt Griffes, a longtime friend and public relations specialist for Current Health.
Na China, essas necessidades reais sao embebidas em um imaginario que se satisfaz com os buttons exibidos com orgulho pela jovem vendedora que quer mostrar ter contato com os paises e as griffes do Ocidente imaginario desejado.
The concert includes Aaron Copland's An Outdoor Overture, The Pleasure Dome of Kubla Khan by Charles Tomlinson Griffes and Robert Russell Bennett's arrangement of the best-known songs from George Gershwin's Porgy and Bess.
She seems most comfortable on the fulsome Griffes songs, though not all listeners will find her full-throated approach agreeable.
GRIFFES Roman Sketches/KORNGOLD Symphonic Serenade.
Tendler will play a selection of music by American composers Ives, Griffes, Copland and Ginastera that reflects the breadth of American identity and creativity and represents diverse perspectives.
Au detour des pages, on trouvera quelques coups de griffes a l'anthropologie nord-americaine, mais de la reconnaissance aussi pour certains tres bons observateurs, des reserves quant a l'idee meme du travail classificatoire et l'opinion qu'il ne saurait y avoir de societes aux structures << plus simples >> que d'autres.
Villani, par exemple, ne parvient a sauver Dumas des griffes du melodrame qu'au prix de pirouettes rhetoriques assez impressionantes ("le fameux poignard .
But if masculine meant loud and insistent, how to account for the comparatively passive output of our presumably virile Faures and Chopins, or of Griffes and Theodore Chanler?
Musical selections include ``The Birds'' by Respighi, ``The Spider's Feat'' by Roussel, ``The White Peacock`` by Griffes and ``The Wasp'' by Vaughan-Williams.