Bell, Griffin B.

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Bell, Griffin B. (Boyette)

(1918–  ) lawyer, judge, U.S. attorney general; born in Americus, Ga. Partner in the Atlanta law firm King & Spalding (1953–61), he appeared to hold the views of conservative white Southerners on racial issues. Appointed to the U.S. Court of Appeals (1961–76), he ruled on many school desegregation cases and was generally regarded as a moderate. A controversial appointee as President Carter's attorney general (1977–81), he again proved to be a moderate. He resumed corporation law in Atlanta.
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In my own research, I found similar instances in the case of Jimmy Carter's first law officer, Griffin Bell, another "inner circle" attorney general (Nancy V.
The existing 34 x AS350BB Squirrel and 11 x Griffin Bell 412EP helicopters, will be upgraded to include new technology and to increase training capability.
Back in the '80s, (former Attorney General) Griffin Bell would have had my hide if I let something like this go through and I didn't review it," he says.
Attorney General and federal Judge Griffin Bell, former Congressman and state Judge Edward Biester, former Secretary of Transportation William Coleman, and Chief Justice Frank Williams of the Rhode Island Supreme Court.
Attorney General Judge Griffin Bell, at a judicial conference, commented on being a judge and in his inimitable Georgia accent said, "I know we can all do better and that things are not what we would all like them to be, but let me say that the improvements during my near half century at the bar have been enormous.
Attorney General Griffin Bell, contended the 'Atlanta group were neophytes' caught up in a system that 'encouraged a practice of lobbying ioc members in which excess was inherent.
Murphy, who was editorial page editor of the Atlanta Constitution and publisher of the San Francisco Examiner in the '70s and publisher of The Sun for most of the '80s, resigned after four years at NGS to write books on golfing and former Attorney General Griffin Bell.