Maisuradze, Georgii (Grigorii) Ivanovich


Born June 6 (18), 1817, in the village of Tsinandali, present-day Telavi Raion; died June 6(18), 1885, in Kutaisi. Painter; founder of the realistic school of Georgian portraiture.

Maisuradze was a serf of the poet A. G. Chavchavadze, who freed him in 1837. He studied with K. P. Briullov at the St. Petersburg Academy of Art from 1837 to 1844. In 1850 he went to live in Kutaisi, where he worked as a teacher. His paintings include portraits of A. Bagrationi (1839), I. Chichinadze(1853), and N. Abuladze (1860’s), all in the Museum of Arts of the Georgian SSR in Tbilisi.


Kvasxvaze, P’. Giorgi Maisuraze. Tbilisi, 1958.
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Grigorii Vazov, a nominee of nationalist coalition the Patriotic Front, received 43 votes in favor, with 12 votes against and 118 abstentions.
Grigorii Vazov was nominated for the position of the head of the central bank.
As Gershenson points out, films such as Naum Birman's 1969 The Chronicle of a Dive Bomber (Khronika Pikiruyushchego Bombardirovshchika), Grigorii Lipshits's 1970 TV production No Way Back (Obratnoi Dorogi Net), and Stanislav Rostoskii's 1972 Dawns are Quiet Here (A Zori Zdes' Tikhie) were constructed around the paradigm that "the old generation dies at the hands of the Nazis, [while] the young generation fights on the fronts-and dies in battle" (187).
Grigorii Shneerson (1901-1982), a musicologist who wrote on a wide variety of topics, including American music.
Events might have developed differently had fortune not removed from the scene, either permanently or temporarily, voices that might have counselled moderation: Franz Ferdinand in Austria-Hungary; Joseph Caillaux in France; Alfred von Kiderlen-Wachter in Germany; Petr Stolypin and Grigorii Rasputin in Russia.
Grigorii Soloveichik, project leader on the water-based flow battery project at GE Global Research and director of the GE-led Energy Frontier Research Center (EFRC), said, We re excited about the impact this new technology could have on electric vehicles, especially as it relates to cost and the need to recharge.
Fridrikh Gorenshtein, Grigorii Kanovich, and Inna Lesovaia, in the same literary contexts of modernism, socialist realism, and traditional Jewish writings.
In 1915 on the second day of Paskha, the weeklong celebration of Christ's resurrection, the prophet Grigorii Ivanovich Mokhov (1861-1926) of the Guadalupe Valley colony in Mexico had a revelation that was soon circulated by letter among all the Molokan communities.
Grigorii Ivanovich Tunkin, in a paper presented at the III Anglo-Soviet Symposium on Public International Law held at the University of London on March 20 through 22, 1989, summed up the Soviet interpretation of international law.
82) Russia's economist Grigorii Khanin's standpoint is that in the first years of the fourth five-year plan the recovery of the Soviet economy was achieved on an extensive basis, by increasing the number of employed and fixed capital used; in the last two years of the fourth five-year plan labour productivity rose and production costs fell quickly.
140) For example, Kahn refers to the case of "[t]he environmentalist and former military journalist Grigorii Pasko, himself a victim of retaliatory treason charges that remained secret throughout his closed-door trial.

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