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Grimoire, begun prior to 1950, by one of the members of a Rite of Thoth group, in the style of the Book of Shadows. Courtesy Fortean Picture Library.


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

A book of magic, including spells and conjurations, as used by Ceremonial Magicians. The word comes from the Old French for "grammar." A grimoire contains full, detailed instructions on how to make the required tools, talismans, and robes, as well as calculations for the best time to perform rituals and the rites to perform to actually conjure the entities.

Many grimoires draw heavily on the Kabbalah, cabalistic magic, and astrology. Many also claim to be copies of works used by the biblical king Solomon. Some of the better known grimoires include The Key of Solomon the King, The Lesser Key of Solomon, The Arbatel of Magic, The Heptameron, The Grimoire of Honorius the Great, The Black Pullet, The Pansophy of Rudolph the Magus, and The Book of Sacred Magic of Abra-Melin the Mage.

Of those titles, The Key of Solomon is the best known and the one that is most often referred to and copied from, although it seems extremely unlikely that it actually originated with Solomon himself. However, the book has obviously been revised many times, and some versions of it certainly date from at least the fourteenth century. In fact, there is a Greek version in the British Museum that dates from the thirteenth century. Additionally, there are a number of old grimoires that exist in libraries and private collections throughout Europe and America, although many seem to be nothing more than copies or translations of other copies and translations. Real grimoires were always handwritten by the magician/author, and frequently many parts were written in one of the "secret writings."

The book used by Witches is called the Book of Shadows. Although technically it, too, is a grimoire, it is seldom referred to as such by Wiccans.

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Oni Press has been publishing excellent, kid- and teen-friendly comics featuring LGBTQA+ characters, including Another Castle: Grimoire and this title, A Recipe for Disaster.
Its procedures were confided in grimoires, textbooks of ritual magic, and these became the jealously guarded jewels of the magical tradition" (Owen 100).
Once they have localized the grimoire, Helen translates and uses several spells from it, and eventually Mona informs Streator that she has cast a love spell on him.
Les ancetres d'Igitur essaient de la souffler et de l'eteindre tout de suite, mais Igitur les arrete, parce qu'il veut continuer a lire le grimoire.
This encyclopedism may distract some readers, but it underscores the fantastic's insistence upon la lettralite in all its forms: paratextual material, the found manuscript, the fictional journal, the fictional grimoire, coded messages, translations, self-referentiality, self-parody, mise en abyme, narrative frames, and so on.
I chanced upon The Key of Solomon the King, a medieval grimoire (magical text) made popular in the late 19th century during what is called the Occult Revival.
I heard the rumor of the grimoire of spells left behind by Pope Honorius, and of the papal bull that declared the Church the only true keepers of magic.
of the tumbling queen from her grimoire to her bed.
FEATURES: -- Utilize more than 30 weapons, including quick one-handed blades, powerful two-handed swords and far-reaching spears as well as hand-to-hand combat techniques to vanquish hordes of enemies -- Cast dozens of powerful offensive and defensive magic spells, including Dark Execution, Dark Hand and Dark Wall to supplement your martial skills -- Discover more than a hundred mysterious Words throughout the game, and attach them to the names of Nier's weapons and spells to gain significant enhancements and new abilities -- Fight alongside and interact with several companions throughout your adventures, including the enigmatic Kaine and the dry-witted Grimoire Weiss -- Interact with dozens of NPCs, including shop owners and quest givers.
Silver RavenWolf's Teen Witch was the first such text, but hardly the last: more recently, Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard (2004) and Companion for the Apprentice Wizard (2006), both by well-known Neo-Pagan author Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, even promise to teach young fans about the real magical traditions behind J.
La "filosofia" se convierte en el grimoire del mago (magician) que evocara para todos la figura y la reconciliacion que, en la realidad de su existencia, no puede obtener para si.
The organisers (Sorbonne Paris IV; the centre tbr research Patrimoines et languages Musicaux, the Grimoire group; Universite F.