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volcano, Iceland: see VatnajökullVatnajökull
, glacier, c.3,150 sq mi (8,160 sq km), SE Iceland; largest glacier in Europe. At an elevation of from 4,200 to 6,100 ft (1,280–1,860 m), it covers a huge volcanic plateau, which includes the Grímsvötn caldera, Iceland's third largest and
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But the decision was taken to bring forward the visit after the announcement of cancellations to some UK commercial flights due to the ash billowing from the Grimsvotn volcano - with more disruption expected in the days to come.
AN ILL WIND: Ash plumes from Grimsvotn sparking travel fears, top, while the wind caused an Ambulance crash on the A90
35 The sub-glacial volcano Grimsvotn, which causes catastrophic meltwater floods every few years, is in which country?
The ash cloud from the erupting Grimsvotn volcano in Iceland is expected to disrupt U.
A number of airlines axed services to these destinations and more than 250 flights were cancelled across Europe following the eruption of the Grimsvotn volcano.
The Grimsvotn plume reached 17km while the Eyjafjallajokull plume reached only 9km.
Airlines last night began cancelling flights as the Met Office said ash from the Grimsvotn volcano would be in Scottish airspace by the early hours of this morning.
European airspace has not been affected by the eruption of Iceland's most active volcano, Grimsvotn.
The Grimsvotn volcano in southeast Iceland began erupting on Saturday evening, forcing the country to close its international airspace.
The Grimsvotn volcano erupted on Saturday and smoke belched as high as 20 km into the sky.
Iceland's Grimsvotn volcano has started erupting, emitting plumes of smoke 18,000 foot, according to reports.
The Grimsvotn volcano eruption is reminiscent of another eruption, of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland last year, which shut down European flights and left passengers stranded across the world.