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, Ger. Graubünden, Ital. Grigioni, Romansch Grischun, canton (1990 pop. 169,005), 2,746 sq mi (7,112 sq km), E Switzerland, bordering on Italy and Austria. Chur is the capital.
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, Switzerland.
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When the Graubunden parliament decided in 2003 that Rumantsch Grischun would be used in all school materials as of 2005, a large part of the population felt they were not sufficiently integrated into the decision-making process.
Linard Martinelli, president of the Vallader-speaking village of Lavin in the Lower Engadine and head of the 190-member Conferenza generala Ladina (CHL), the regional teachers' association, is strongly committed to reinvigorating Romansh in the region; however, equally strongly, he is resisting the implantation of Rumantsch Grischun.
Moritz"--he feels that the major challenge is reviving the existing language, so introducing Rumantsch Grischun would be an impediment to this aim.
We have just burned a CD-ROM with translations of about 170 pages of geography and history text, from Rumantsch Grischun to our local languages.
Rumantsch Grischun is not a bad idea in itself," she admits, "but it is a synthetic language.