Wilhelm Groener

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Groener, Wilhelm


Born Nov. 22. 1867, in Ludwigsburg; died Sept. 4. 1939, in Bornstedt (Potsdam). German military figure and writer. Lieutenant general (1916).

In 1884, Groener joined the Württemberg army. In 1912 he became the head of the railroad department of the General Staff, and during World War I he was the head of the railroad field administration. In 1916 and 1917 he directed the administration of military industry and was deputy minister of war. In August 1917 he began commanding a division and a corps on the western and then on the eastern front. In March 1918 he became chief of staff of General G. Eichhorn’s Kiev Group of Armies. From October 1918 to June 1919 he was first quartermaster general, replacing General E. Ludendorff in that post, and he led the retreat of the German army and then the fight against the revolutionary movement. He resigned in protest of the Treaty of Versailles. From 1920 to 1923 he was minister of transportation and from 1928 to 1932 he was minister of the Reichswehr. Then he retired. In his works he greatly praised General A. Schlieffen and especially his plan for war against France.


Der Weltkrieg und seine Probleme. Berlin. 1920.
Der Feldherr wider Willen. Berlin. 1930.
In Russian translation:
Zaveshchanie Shliffena. Moscow, 1937.
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S]he had remembered what was of no use, the last day or two but not any of the other days when she was wholly Mrs Groener and without thought of any other life.
The Austrian's future should become clearer after a meeting between his agent Robert Groener and Villa, apparently scheduled for today.
Although Villa have not received any enquiries about Weimann, his agent Robert Groener insists there are other Premier League clubs interested in signing him.
Aston Villa forward Andreas Weimann could leave Villa Park in the summer, according to his agent Rob Groener.
2d Dep't 1984)) (discussing that the legislative intent behind an ambiguous statute is always the "core question"); see also Groener v.
Were it not for the work of the new Quartermaster General, Hans Groener, working with the newly proclaimed republican government under Friedrich Ebert, the vestiges of military authority might easily have melted away and the level of chaos been much greater.
Harry Groener gives his actor Richard the slight pompousness he needs and his priest Henry Garnet a thoughtfulness.
Groener, vice president, global supply chain; Dennis J.
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Horrific losses in France's Argonne Forest region put the final nail in the coffin, and on November 9, 1918, a cease-fire was announced, and General Wilhelm Groener ordered what remained of the army to withdraw from the front lines.