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So when Stettinius, Gromyko, and Cadogan and their respective delegation staffs sat down to draw up proposals for the UN charter, it quickly became clear that Pasvolsky had done his homework.
A cheap and dirty trick indeed, but Bassil had better heed the career of Gromyko once again.
Recorde que trece anos atras se habia girado hacia Gromyko con identica ira para increparlo.
37) Aware of his limitations, Brezhnev began to entrust the formulation of foreign policy to Gromyko, KGB Chief Iu.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Andrei Gromyko (1909-1989), the former chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR and former minister of foreign affairs, was the politician who managed to stay in office for the longest period in the Soviet Union.
55) On a similar note, when Shultz met with his Soviet counterpart Andrei Gromyko, he began by raising "human rights 'problems of Jews, dissidents and families divided by Soviet refusal to allow immigration'" and "objected to Gromyko's calling these concerns a 10th rate issue," according to Shultz's memoirs.
He was nonetheless something of an anomaly, and it was no doubt partly to allay alarm among the septuagenarians in the hierarchy about the new kid on the block that Andrei Gromyko, serving at the time as the ceremonial president, declared that there were teeth of steel behind the new general secretary's charming smile.
However, to counter US plan, Soviet Union (SU) came up with- Gromyko Plan (1946) was aiming to nuclear disarmament first-within a period of three months.
On July 20, on instructions from his government, Turkey's ambassador in Moscow Ilder Turkmen met the Soviet Union's foreign minister Andrei Gromyko to inform him of Turkey's intentions.
For Visionary artist Gromyko Semper, he created mythology for the first time.
ambassador to Moscow Alan Kirk then called on Soviet Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko June 27 for clarifications of the Soviet position.