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(also soft hail), a solid type of atmospheric precipitation in the form of opaque, white, frosted spherical pellets with a diameter of 2–5 mm. Graupel particles, in contrast to snowflakes, do not have a discernible crystalline form. They are created by coagulation processes (seeCOAGULATION OF CLOUD ELEMENTS) as snow crystals pass through clouds containing supercooled drops of water. Upon collision, the drops settle on the crystals and form snowlike pellets. Graupel generally falls when the air temperature is approximately 0°C.

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For more information on NCPPA's CEO Pledge for Physical Activity, including how to sign the Pledge, please visit NCPPA's CEO Pledge for Physical Activity web portal, which includes a video message from Jack Groppel.
Jack Groppel developed the Organizations in MOTION[TM] program to help combat the health and organizational issues associated with today's corporate world.
Groppel, research shows that sitting in one position for too long - which is how the majority of executives and business professionals spend their time in the office - can lead to impaired blood circulation and a lack of movement that causes a decrease in metabolism and energy levels.
We start each day with a supply of energy, but when you're constantly fighting joint pain, that energy supply can quickly decline, which can result in you becoming less engaged in your life and in the lives of those you love," explains Groppel.
Kraemer et al (1995) and Groppel (1994) noted that closed stance forehand swings are initiated in the knee-to-hip region of the body, and gradually build velocity up the whole kinematic chain.
Their role appears to be secondary in initiating the swing motion (Kraemer et al, 1995; Groppel, 1994) and force production (Perry et al, 2004), providing structural support while velocity is built-up the kinematic chain, and facilitating other biomechanical actions that do effect racket velocity.
Jack Groppel discuss the mental, emotional and physical practices for achieving potential in business and in life.
Groppel is Vice President, Applied Science and Performance Training at Wellness & Prevention, Inc.
Jack Groppel , PhD, vice president of Applied Science & Performance Training at Wellness & Prevention, Inc.
As the national spokesperson for NCPPA's CEO Pledge, Jack Groppel, Ph.
Jack Groppel, co-founder of the Human Performance Institute and internationally recognized author and speaker; John Ratey, MD, Harvard Medical School psychiatrist and bestselling author of Spark