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see Group of Eight under Group of SevenGroup of Seven
(G7), international organization officially established in 1985 to facilitate economic and commercial cooperation among the world's largest industrial nations, including efforts to aid the economies of non-G7 nations.
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We are especially keen to speak to a group of six males who were seen in the area at around the time of the incident.
Patna (Bihar) [India], June 19 ( ANI ): A Class X girl was allegedly gangraped by a group of six people and thrown from a moving train before it reached Bihar's Kiul junction.
A group of six nations reached a deal with Iran last Monday in Vienna on limiting nuclear activity in return for the lifting of international economic sanctions.
He called on Iran to give an answer to the proposals of the group of six
The Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes discussion with the group of six for a constructive cooperation,earlier this week," Jalili told Solana, according to the ISNA report.
After a sold-out gig in 2003, it's round two for a group of six badass women who are part of This Woman's Work: Black Women Choreographers of the Next Generation.
But as the debate ends and the network switches to a demographically correct group of six "undecided" voters--including a woman termed a "security mom"--our nervousness returns.
So she organized a small group of six local musicians and artists and limned The Margaret Walker Reading Club.
Four top seeds are guaranteed to be in a group of six.
Support for the structure's double-barreled role comes from a group of six adults who suffered rare brain damage limited largely to the hippocampus.
The Dorval Medical Associates Family Health Network is a group of six family physicians who work with other health care professionals to provide their patients with access to primary care treatment or advice, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Meek's remarks prompted a bi-partisan group of six senators to leave the chamber in protest.

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