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Group psychology and the analysis of the ego (1921), in J.
One way of understanding the group psychology of those movements in which the end of the world is predicted by a messiah figure and which yet manage to continue after the date given for the apocalypse has passed, is via the theory of cognitive dissonance.
1) Is the development of Negro social consciousness (a definite group psychology, stressing and laudation of things Negro) compatible with the ideal of Americanism (Nationalism) as expressed in the struggle of the Aframericans for social and industrial equality with all other citizens?
They devote their lives to studying individual and group psychology in relation to colour and colour trends.
Programs capable of leveraging mass sentiment and group psychology online to successfully track and predict market trends could prove to be incredibly lucrative in the near future.
Group psychology workshops - their support will mainly consist in strengthening the social skills of project participants and build trust in the group.
In this book for knowledge workers and managers in businesses, nonprofits, and governmental agencies, Jackson (Edith Cowan University, Western Australia) draws on ideas from philosophy, group psychology, and the sociology of knowledge to explore the use of Web 2.
She reviews group psychology and cross-cultural issues, looking at the possibility of a cultural V-spot, and outlines treatment procedures for healing the wounds of emotional abuse.
Individual and group psychology always has been a critical, if widely overlooked, driver of financial activity.
Nazis were masters of group psychology,'' explained Janet Garfinkle, the multimedia coordinator at the Simon Wiesenthal Center's Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles.
While sociology, political philosophy, and group psychology may have something to say, he tends to treat their contributions as so partial that they are almost dismissed as inevitably distorting.
In his most recent study, Book of Kings (volume two will be out this fall in Germany, volumes three and four are in the works), Theweleit explores the devastating effects of technology and group psychology on gender relations or relationships.

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