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(software, networking)
A workgroup application suite offering electronic mail and diary scheduling from Novell, Inc.. It can operate on a number of platforms.

Groupwise was previously known as WordPerfect Office, and is an extensible system suitable for LAN or WAN operation. Mail gateway software is available for a number of protocols including SMTP, allowing the exchange of mail with the Internet.


Messaging and groupware software from Novell that provides a universal inbox for calendaring, group scheduling, task management, document sharing, workflow and threaded discussions. Whiteboards and application sharing are available through third-parties. GroupWise clients and servers run on all major platforms.

GroupWise supports a wide variety of mail systems as well as Novell's NDS directory. Text-to-speech and speech-to-wave files let mobile users hear and create e-mail by telephone. Although entirely revamped, GroupWise stems back to WordPerfect Office, acquired by Novell in 1994.

The Universal Inbox
GroupWise provides a universal interface to a variety of collaboration functions that team members perform throughout the day. (Screen shot courtesy of Novell, Inc.)
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Before Mirapoint, it took five IT professionals to manage the assortment of Exchange, Sendmail, and GroupWise messaging systems," said Charles Mathew, director of Integrated Systems and Emerging Technologies at Temple University.
Kratzer will be heavily involved in the development of GroupWise Linux solutions as well as establishing a Linux Consulting Service division for GWAVA.
GroupWise helps organizations maintain secure, authenticated communications within the enterprise as well as with companies and individuals beyond the enterprise's firewall.
Organizations around the world are deploying Novell GroupWise to provide immediate benefit to their businesses.
Our Novell GroupWise email archiving solution for financial firms is the only complete solution on the market," states Stephen Marsh, CEO, Smarsh, Inc.
New Novell Vibe integrations bring team productivity, document and content management and business process automation into the familiar Novell GroupWise interface millions of users rely on for daily productivity.
A Novell Nterprise product, GroupWise handles e-mail, calendaring, instant messaging, contact management, document management and workflow services across network operating systems including Novell NetWare, Windows NT*/2000 and now Linux.
The magazine has an accompanying Web site that carries additional editorial on security, administration and managing a GroupWise installation.
For the past several years, Nexic has worked closely with leading archiving partners: Google, Symantec, and Smarsh, among others, to deliver integrated native GroupWise support for their archiving solutions.
We are very excited to have HostedEM delivering Novell GroupWise in the cloud," said Bob Flynn, president and general manager at Novell.
Nasdaq: QSFT) today announced a strategic relationship with Microsoft that names Quest GroupWise Migrator for Exchange the preferred tool for migrations to Microsoft Exchange Online, part of the Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS).
Restore Stub Functionality - Retain fully supports the GroupWise stubbing functionality directly through its native API.