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During the tour around the logistics centre, the top managers informed the media people about peculiar features of warehouse logistics, and its role as a new growing point for the national economy.
During this period the bulbs will produce a mat of white fleshy roots but the growing point should only have grown an inch or so.
Move them to pots of compost, before tipping them into their final growing point.
In June, remove the main tip/ growing point when 30cm high.
Our Growing Point Web site is the largest online agronomic library, for example.
10 It's your last chance to stop, or remove the growing point from, late chrysanthemums.
As the growing point lengthens, train it against a cane.
A CORDYLINES survive pretty low temperatures, provided that the growing point is protected.
Each time when carving he wanted to go back, eliminating all imperfections, all wear and tear, to the growing point of the first Creation, to the pure idea as it takes on form.
The growing point should be just below the surface but just above it on wetter soils to prevent rotting, each plant three feet apart.
Stop the plants after four flowering trusses have formed by pinching out the topmost growing point.
But closer inspection revealed no growing point damage.