Growth Inhibitors

Growth Inhibitors


substances that retard the growth of plants (suppress the opening of buds, germination of seeds, and growth of the stem).

Natural growth inhibitors accumulate in large quantities in the tissues of buds and seeds in autumn, when the growth processes cease in the transition of the plant to a dormant state. In the spring, before the opening of buds and germination of seeds, the content of growth inhibitors decreases sharply. Among the natural growth inhibitors are phenolic compounds (coumarin and its derivatives, salicyclic acid, naringenin) and terpenoid compounds (abscissic acid and its analogs). Growth inhibitors are capable of suppressing the stimulatory effect of all known phytohormones on growth processes. Synthetic growth inhibitors are used to treat plants for the purpose of retarding their growth; they include antagonists to auxin transport (tri-iodobenzoic acid, dichloranisol, naphthylmethylpropionic acid), retardants that suppress stem growth (SSS, AMO-1618, V-9), morphactins that disrupt morphogenesis (fluorenol, chlorfluorenol), and paralyzers (maleic hydrazide, sodium salt of maleic hydrazide).


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Nogo Trap is a decoy receptor that binds the growth inhibitors, allowing the body to grow nerve fibers naturally and directly targeting restoration across all facets of growth.
The literature cites that Type-II growth inhibitors used in lawns, such as trinexapac-ethyl and prohexadione-calcium, are not very efficient at avoiding the emergence of flower rachises, because they interfere with the biosynthesis of gibberellins and, consequently, with the reduction of cell elongation (Mittlesteadt et al.
The report gives a 360 degree analysis of the market covering the growth drivers, growth inhibitors, value chain analysis, new product launches and the market perspective of the will empower quantitative decision making.
We now know cancer is the result of genes that have gone awry - collaborating with each other, growth inhibitors being switched off and rogue cells breaking free to roam the body.
The report offers a bird's eye view of the industry, highlights latest postal trends, and growth inhibitors as well as the negative impact of recent economic recession on the industry.
Growth inhibitors keep the seed from germinating until moisture and temperature are just right and sprouting begins.
Poinsettias are from jungle conditions, and grow to tree size in their natural habitat , they are given growth inhibitors when propagated here, and the method to get them to re-colour next year is difficult and requires altering light conditions, so my suggestion is to compost your poinsettia, and enjoy another one next year.
The limited edition Perfect Shave consists of shave cream, moisturiser and scrub, which contain hair growth inhibitors and super exfoliants to reduce redness and the need to shave so often.
Wheat grains were used as host material to determine the effect of plant derivatives as growth inhibitors.
Massachusetts' inordinately high unemployment insurance taxes, state director Bill Vernon said, is one of the state's job growth inhibitors.
These patented compounds are potent tumor growth inhibitors and appear to have a unique mechanism of action.
APPLICATION: It may be possible to develop crystal nucleation inhibitors or crystal growth inhibitors to prevent dicarbonate scaling.

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