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Confluent flasks were subcultured at a 1:4 ratio, and the cells were fed fresh growth medium every 3 days.
A nutrient-rich growth medium tends to produce compact, bulky colonies; a poor environment leads to fine, spindly colonies.
Now, scientists at the University of California at San Diegoreport that they have successfully induced nerve cell regeneration in the brains of rats--marking the first time such regeneration has been achieved with the use of human tissue as a nerve growth medium.
In all three studies the virus was cultured in a buffered growth medium and then exposed to the ultra violet light emitted by the device.
pastoris, a robust organism commonly used in fermentation processes, which can be grown to high cell density in a chemically defined growth medium.
The Popular Science 2001 Destiny Station contains everything needed to grow seeds in the same growth medium and under similar conditions as scientists will use in space.
In a second experiment, different environmental factors, such as time of incubation, temperature, and growth medium were modified to see how the environment impacts the effect of PEA.
University Hospital of North Norway (UNN) Department of Microbiology and Infection Control, intends to gear purchases instrument to use for automatic labeling of growth medium and the seed of bacteriological samples.
Every pillow has a growth medium and seeds for red romaine lettuce.
Cells were seeded into flasks with growth medium consisting of Dulbecco's Modified Eagle Medium (DMEM) with 10% Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) and 1% Penicillin/Streptomycin (Pen/Strep).
Prostate cancer cell cultures (LNCaP) were also sensitive to lycopene in growth medium, which caused an increased apoptosis and arrested the cell cycle.
Baskets were filled with a peat-free compost mix that's clearly a very productive growth medium.