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annual ring, growth ring

A layer of wood produced during one year of a tree’s growth.
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In those studies, longitudinal shrinkage decreased rapidly from the pith outward to growth rings 10 to 15 and then fluctuated around a minimum.
with the following objectives: 1) establish the effects of number of growth rings from the pith (age) and ring width on variation in MF-angle; 2) establish the pattern of within-ring variation in MF-angle; and 3) establish the relationship of MOR and MOE in the early juvenile wood to mean ring MF-angle and specific gravity.
Following the cooling period, each board was evaluated for warp, number of growth rings, presence/absence of pith, and MC.
The current perception of major league players is that six to eight growth rings per inch produce the ideal white ash baseball bat.
If you find an oak board with wide growth rings and a coarse appearance there is a good chance it is a red oak.
The concentric layers of the secondary tissue were referred to as 'growth rings' (Cheadle, 1937), as they look like annual growth rings of woody conifers and dicotyledons to the naked eye (Lev-Yadun & Lipschitz, 1986).
Scientists compared the growth rates of hundreds of living and extinct species, using growth rings and bone size to calculate the rates for dinosaurs, the BBC reported.
Based on seasonal changes in marginal structures of shell cross-sections and marginal growth indices (MGIs), growth rings were estimated to be formed annually in summer when shell growth ceased.
The criticism stems from their investigation of growth rings in modern olive trees on Santorini.
Though this cutting board first appears to be a cross cut slice of a tree trunk, those growth rings are actually laser-etched images of approximately 800 endangered and exotic animals.
Dinosaurs have yearly growth rings in their bone tissue, like trees.
A bone sample showed it was very young when it died: "Dinosaurs have yearly growth rings in their bone tissue, like trees.