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annual ring, growth ring

A layer of wood produced during one year of a tree’s growth.
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Naidu (1988) estimated the age of individual Iceland scallops collected in the SBI by interpreting the external growth rings.
5 Trim down to white sole, following a growth ring parallel to the hairline.
Caption: This microtome is a precision cutting tool used to finely slice a tooth longitudinally to determine an animal's exact age using the cementum or annual growth rings.
Pederson's team compared the ship's growth rings with those of living trees and wood from historic structures.
Grain is defined by the average width of annual growth rings on a tree.
One hundred and sixty fibres from fifty-one growth rings were measured, with a total of N = 8160 measurements as the sampling universe for this study.
Because bones show growth rings much like trees, the size of fossilised dinosaur bones at different ages allows palaeontologists to calculate how fast they put on weight over a lifetime.
Validation of annual growth rings in freshwater mussel shells using cross dating.
Hubacz said growth rings indicate the majority of the trees in the West Brookfield Road parcels to be about 80 years old, either planted or seeded on what had been farm pasture.
The lace figure starts out as a small pebble and develops into large flakes as one cuts perpendicular to the growth rings.
One of the most important aspects in the study of fish population dynamics is the identification of growth rings on hard structures, because it allows us to evaluate age groups in a stock and analyze the growth pattern (Campana and Neilson, 1985; Mascarena-Osorio et al.