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Longitudinal data are important for quantitation of the growth spurt as a rate or velocity (60).
The brain's rapid growth spurt is a critical period of time, said Johnson.
Dr Mark Swinbank, of Durham University, said: "It's like a teen growth spurt.
Similar analyses of three smaller, more ancient tyrannosaur species indicate that those creatures--one of which grew to about 1,800 kg and two that reached only 1,000 kg as adults--also had 4-year-long growth spurts as teens.
We see this as the beginning of a major growth spurt for the campus, as we plan for continued growth in enrollment, as well as demand for both undergraduate and graduate housing.
The postnatal growth trajectory can be conceptualised as consisting of three partially overlapping phases- infant growth characterized by rapidly declining growth velocities, slowly decelerating childhood growth, and the pubertal height growth spurt.
It marked the strongest growth spurt in 2(bul) years.
Inflation posits that the infant universe underwent a brief but enormous growth spurt that locked in and magnified subatomic fluctuations to astronomical-sized wrinkles.
Teenagers typically gain some weight right before a growth spurt.
The grassroots in origin Walk is on the verge of a major growth spurt, one which will give the event much more visibility.
Although height is not as essential in track and field as it is in, say, basketball, Harrison has parlayed the growth spurt into top long jumping mark in the state this season, leaping 23 feet 5 inches Saturday at the Camarillo Classic Invitational at Camarillo High.
Among them is a brain-volume growth spurt about 750,000 years ago, when hominids developed advanced hunting techniques and formed protolanguages.