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Grub Street goes on to point out, correctly, that unpaid apprenticeships -- called "stages" -- are commonplace at fine dining establishments.
These days, Caroline Street is known as Chip Alley, but in days long gone, there were so many pubs and eating houses in the street that it was dubbed Grub Street.
II emigre a Londres en 1773, peut etre rejoint-il les ecrivaillons de Grub Street (Darnton, 2010) qui se font un plaisir de railler la couronne frangaise a cette epoque.
Some were nice enough to reply but I didn't get anywhere until two years later when someone from Grub Street Press called to say sorry it had taken so long to get back to me but that they would like to print it.
The grubbier end of Grub Street is sparked into action by cries of "Iran's gone nuclear
And before he even arrived back on these shores, his story had reached Grub Street, the London media centre of the day.
99 CHRIS BURGESS Tense thriller So compelling RENOWNED for New Grub Street and The Odd Woman, Gissing was a notable member of the literary 'club' which included James, Conrad and Hardy.
It is too polite and restrained for the cut-and-thrust of Grub Street.
It is as though the literature of active ritual or resistance that Goldsmith aspired to, literature outside the logic of the market, of consumption, and of display, could only be produced by a man swallowed up in the belly of Grub Street and vomited forth into the madhouse, isolated and away from its modes of valuing, appraising, and orchestrating life into delineated patterns of productivity and consumption" (163).
After the cash-for-votes-and-hide-the-tape scandal, Manmohan is just another sullied politician, willing to feast on Grub Street in the company of the most famous bagmen, and travel the gravy train chatting with fixers and pushers in order to remain in office.
Grub Street / the Basement, 10 Chivalry Road, London, SW11 1HT, United Kingdom, 2003, 288 pages, $36.