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see San SalvadorSan Salvador,
island of the Bahamas, West Indies. Many historians believe that it was the first land sighted by Columbus in the New World in 1492. The indigenous population called it Guanahani, and it has also been named Watling or Watlings Island.
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, island.
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Martein van Wagenberg, Le Guanahani, Saint Barthelemy
The Hotel Guanahani & Spa on a private 18-acre peninsula in France's territory of Saint Barthelemy - known as Saint Barths - features 67 vibrant Creole Contemporary and Explorer guest cottages and suites, many with private pools and verandas.
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Since 1492, when the conquistador Christopher Columbus set off for what was then called the East Indies and ended up, by accident, on the island of Guanahani (in the Bahamas), communities throughout the Americas have fought for their independence.
Columbus established the latitude of Guanahani at 27[degrees] 45' North (about 4[degrees] too far north).
Friends and family claimed there were suspicious circumstances after the 44-year-old, who worked across Birmingham for the city's Nutrition and Dietetics Service and at Moseley Hall Hospital, died on October 8 last year off Cable Beach at Guanahani Village, Nassau.
Jennie Gosbell's lifeless body was discovered floating in the calm sea off Cable Beach at Guanahani Village, Nassau.
We were staying at the Guanahani Hotel &Spa, recommended by my friend Constance, the wife of ex-Liverpool footballer Bruno Cheyrou.
Christopher Columbus discovered the Bahamas by landing on the Island called Guanahani (today called San Salvador) in 1492.
For privileged anonymity, check into the island's only full-service resort, Hotel Guanahani.
Columbus landed on the Guanahani island, now San Salvador, on 12 October 1492.
Members of the Taino tribe, the boys live on Guanahani [GWAH-nah-hani], an island whose name means iguana.