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see soapberrysoapberry,
common name for the plant family Sapindaceae, a primarily tropical family of trees, shrubs, lianas, and herbaceous climbers, as well as a genus, Sapindus, in that family found in Asia and the Americas. The soapberry family includes the litchi.
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(Paullinia cupana), an evergreen shrub of the family Sapindaceae, growing wild in Brazil and Venezuela. The seeds of the guaraná contain resins, tannins, and up to 5 percent caffeine. A paste, also called guarana, is obtained from the seeds; it is used for medicinal purposes in some countries. The paste yields caffeine: it is also mixed into chocolate and is used in preparing a beverage that is similar to coffee.

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BAWLS Guarana in the Original Guarana and Cherry varieties will be available to distribution partners for placement in retail locations nationwide by the end of February.
With the exception of some weak evidence for glucose and guarana extract, there was little evidence substantiating claims that components of energy drinks, other than caffeine, contribute to the enhancement of physical or cognitive performance.
Amani explained that guarana contains high amounts of slow acting caffeine.
Guarana is a plant from the Amazon that is widely used as a natural energy supplement.
Made in Brazil, Portugal and Japan, Guarana Antarctica is one of the 15 biggest soft drinks in the world and is licensed from ABInBev in Europe by Portuguese company Sumol+Compal.
Guarana is a natural herbal stimulant - Guarana is a berry that grows in Venezuela and the northern parts of Brazil - As a dietary supplement, Guarana is a natural herbal stimulant- it contains about twice the equivalent caffeine found in coffee beans
Meanwhile guarana is another ingredient popular as a flavouring for beverages in Brazil that has potential for export growth.
and protects against cancer Monster Guarana Monster.
Bawls Guarana Cherry is a delicious beverage, and we're very proud and excited for this product.
In addition to caffeine and sugar, each drink has its own particular formula, often a mix of guarana, ginseng, and B-complex vitamins.
Containing ginseng to help boost energy levels Red Kooga is stimulating without any of the caffeine side effects and is packed with guarana -- a natural caffeine substitite -- and vitamin B to help sharpen your brain and nervous system.
which runs about 5,000 GNC stores nationwide, dropped ephedra last summer, pushing its Total Lean supplements, which use guarana seed and other extracts, and Atkins bars.