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Venezuela: see Ciudad GuayanaCiudad Guayana
, formerly Santo Tomé de Guayana,
city (1990 pop. 453,047), Bolívar state, Venezuela, at the confluence of the Caroní and Orinoco rivers in the Guiana Highlands.
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The largest is Electrificacion del Caroni (EDELCA), a unit of the state-owned mining firm Corporacion Venezolana de Guayana (CVG).
Smith (1990, 1995), when working on the ferns from Venezuela Guayana, noticed an undescribed Pleopeltis, that was unique in having repand lamina margins and lacking scaly paraphyses, and he described it as Pl.
Wurdack & Collaborators The botany of the Guayana Highlan--Part III.
The avifauna of Guayanan locations in northern Bolivar (Caicara, Guri, and El Manteco) had higher affinity with the Llanos, as savanna vegetation in northern Guayana is similar to that of the southern Llanos.
Guayana President Bharrat Jagdeo said he was very grateful nobody had died.
The cabinet approved economic and technical cooperation agreement with Antigua and Barbuda, youth and sport agreement with Morocco, cultural and technical agreement with Argentina, aviation services agreement with Chile, economic and technical agreement with Uruguay, agreement with Cyprus for holders of diplomatic and private passports, economic and technical agreement with Guayana, exempting visa on diplomats and private-passport holders from entry visa for Malta.
Officials said the plane crashed on land belonging to Sidor, which has a large mill near Ciudad Guayana, but without causing any injuries or damage to installations.
The subfamily Brocchinioideae is basal-most, sister to all other subfamilies, followed Lindmanioideae; both of these groups are restricted to the ancient Guayana Shield of northern South America.
de pais familia genero y especie casos Venezuela Phyllostomidae Glossophaga longirostris 1 Argentina Phyllostomidae Sturnira erythromos 1 Brasil Phyllostomidae Desmodus rotundus 6 Brasil Molossidae Molossus molossus 1 Brasil Phyllostomidae Artibeus planirostris 1 Brasil Molossidae Eumops glacinus 1 Brasil Phyllostomidae Artibeus cinereus 1 Guayana Fr.
The funds will be pumped into the ailing Corporacion Venezolana de Guayana (CVG) over the next two years, Chavez told labor unions.
Similarly, outlying Venezuelan provinces such as Maracaibo and Guayana refused to accept the leadership of Caracas and its junta, which proceeded to use force in a not very successful attempt to win their obedience.
Similar protests were held in Merida, Valencia, Ciudad Guayana and Maracaibo.