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The museum includes a statue of Gudea, Ruler of Iraqi ancient City of Girsu, in the year 2300 BC, a location for copper mining, another for shell jewelry, another for the primitive fishing equipment in Ras Al Jinz area and a location for incense and beauty materials.
It will also feature paintings, sculptures, masks and vases from pre-Bronze Age to Pop Art, including 4,000-year-old statue of Mesopotamian ruler Gudea.
Among artworks from antiquity heading to Abu Dhabi are a 4,000-year-old statue of Mesopotamian ruler Gudea, a figurine of King Ramses II from Egypt's 19th dynasty, and a 16th century ornate Nigerian salt seller.
but they reappeared after the restoration of Sumerian rule under Gudea, king of Lagash (r.
Scholars of the ancient Near East have shown how temples were often connected to acts of creation, from the Akkadian Enuma Elish to the Sumerian Gudea Cylinders.
900AD), the poignant portrait of Gudea, king of Lagash, Mesopotamia (c.
Averbeck's long paper on textual conventions in the Gudea cylinders, W.
At a time when most trade shows were battling the Great Recession and could barely maintain attendance levels of the past, along came the Electronic Security Expo, achieving a dramatic 15% jump in attendance," says Darlene Gudea, president of Trade Show Executive Media Group.
After the discussion of proposed datings for the composition of the myth of the Flood, Anthonioz offers an earlier dating--before the Ur III period--based on the analysis of the motif of the Flood in the Gudea Cylinders and in the Stele of the Vultures.
Istoricul Nicolae Gudea, in lucrarea Din istoria crestinismului la romani.
Urukagina'dan iki asir sonra yasamis olan ayni sehrin beyi Gudea (M.
This is a highly coveted award," said Darlena Gudea, publisher of Customer Interface Magazine, which sponsored the awards program with Advanstar Communications, the show's producer.