Olindo Guerrini

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Guerrini, Olindo


Born Oct. 4, 1845, in Forli; died Oct. 21, 1916, in Bologna. Italian poet.

Guerrini’s major collections, Posthumous Verses (1877) and The New Controversy (1878), were published under the pseudonym Lorenzo Stecchetti. He was part of the verismomovement. An interest in the prosaic side of everyday life is inherent in his lyric poetry. Anticlerical and civic motifs resound in some of Guerrini’s verses. He condemned the expansionist policy of Italian imperialism in Africa.


Le Rime [new ed.]. Bologna, 1939.
In Russian translation:
[Stikhi.] Novyi zhurnal inostrannoi literatury, iskusstva i nauki, 1901, nos. 1 and 10.


Stepniak-Kravchinskii, S. Ocherki noveishei ital’ianskoi poezii. In his book Soch., vol. 2. Moscow, 1958.
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De igual forma, otras fuentes que entregan recursos a estas ONG son los organismos internacionales como el Banco de Mundial, Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo o mediante convenios con grandes organizaciones no gubernamentales como Caritas o Care entre otras, apunta Sebastian Guerrini, doctor en comunicacion y estudios de la imagen en su estudio El mundo de las organizaciones.
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The account appeared in the Morpeth Herald for November 26, 1904 and it revealed that the prisoner Jerome Guerrini (who also went under the alias of Joseph Brunetti) was a 27-year-old corsican who had spent the previous four years at sea as a fireman The man he was accused of murdering was a labourer, Patrick Gilligan.
From the age of 12, he studied ceramics with Carlo Guerrini, sculpture with Libero Andreotti and Bruno Innocenti, and drawing with Gianni Vagnetti.