Guy de Chauliac

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Chauliac, Guy de

(gē də shōlyäk`), c.1300–1368, French surgeon. At Avignon he was physician to Pope Clement VI and to two of his successors. His Chirurgia magna (1363) was used as a manual by physicians for three centuries.
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The mission of project management is to implement the master plan for improving fire safety for four schools divided into two sites lapeyronie (Lap) and Arnaud de Villeneuve (Adv) at site 1 (371 avenue du doyen Gaston Giraud - Montpellier), Gui de Chauliac (Gdc) and Saint Eloi (salt) at site 2 (80 St.
Address for correspondence: Philippe Come, Service de Reanimation Medicale Assistance Respiratoire, Hopital Gui de Chauliac, 80 Avenue Augustin Fliche, 34295 Montpellier CEDEX 5, France; email: p-corne@chumontpellier.
Twelve HIV-1-seronegative subjects served as controls, and 64 HIV-1-infected patients (18 patients with <200 T CD4+, 37 patients with 200-500 T CD4+, and 9 patients with >500 T CD4+) were selected at the Department of Infectious Diseases of Gui de Chauliac Hospital, Montpellier, France.
Naissance de la dissection anatomique: Deux siecles a l'apogee du Moyen-Age, autour d'Henri de Mondeville et Gui de Chauliac.