Guided Meditation

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Guided Meditation

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

As its name suggests, this is meditation where a leader quietly speaks the words that suggest a mental journey. These words are imagery in story form, together with suggestions for relaxation and well-being. It is meditation with a specific purpose. For example, to take a person on a mental journey in order to find their personal spirit guide. A guided meditation also can be used in many ways to help in mediumistic development. The guided meditation can be directed by a person who is present, or by a recording.


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Through guided meditation, Doering explains, it's possible to rearrange the quantum particles that make up "you" on the quantum level, resulting in changes on the physical plane.
If you enjoy it, sign up for access to 50 guided meditations, meditative music and the 21 Days of Calm, a meditation-deepening program.
Check Out the Large Selection of Guided Meditation and Visualization Apps
A path to a quiet mind can travel through apps dedicated to guided meditation and sleep enhancement.
Living Sunlight reads like a love letter from the sun, or a guided meditation for the K-3 set.
The guided meditation session ends with a summation on the themes of acceptance, transformation and vision.
A RELAXING TREATMENT - Eulua receives an Indian head massage with guided meditation courtesy of clinic therapist Beth Kelly PICTURE: MIKE URWIN www.
30pm with a guided meditation followed by a three-course vegetarian meal at pounds 10 per person.
Scriptural readings are recited in turn by Beeker and an assistant during the guided meditation part of the service.
LeClair, who has more than a decade of experience in practicing meditation, offers weekly guided meditation classes from her studio.
The comment was apt, as we were spending the weekend at a cottage in the hills above Green Gulch Farm, a Zen Buddhist practice center that welcomes guests to take part in all kinds of exercises, from guided meditation to formal tea ceremonies to daily chores like gardening and cooking.
Be Indulged: Lose yourself in a delectable sensory journey for two, with crystal chakra (energy) balancing, guided meditation, and sound therapy, and capped off with a self-exfoliating couple's shower.
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