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(1) A character of the French puppet theater, one of the hand puppets. The Guignol mask was created by L. Mourguet, who opened his own theater in Lyon in 1804 and staged his plays with Guignol as a character. The plays, whose main character was a cheerful, clever, and cynical Lyon craftsman, were full of satire on politics and daily life and were especially successful during the July Revolution of 1830. Guignol became as popular in France as were Petrushka in Russia, Hanswurst in Germany, and Punch in England.


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(2) The name for plays, productions, and individual stage devices based on the depiction of crimes, villainy, beatings, and tortures. It comes from the Théâtre Grand Guignol, which opened in Paris in 1899. Guignol was brought to bourgeois audiences, who were looking for strong sensations, through the works of O. Méténier, M. Maurey, and A. de Lordé and adaptations of the works of E. Poe. Theaters like the Grand Guignol were opened in Italy and Germany in the 1920’s. The Grand Guignol repertoire included entertaining farces and “cruel” melodramas with an amoral and antihumanistic bent.
In Russia a Guignol-type play (The Suicide Club, in translation) was staged in 1908 by the director V. R. Gardin at a construction fair in St. Petersburg.


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7 What word can be put before Canal, Canyon, Guignol, Opera, Remonstrance and Slam?
Thursday night at the venue sees the return of youngsters' club night Newblood which this week is headlined by GRAND GUIGNOL and features support from INCLUSION.
Burton has an affinity for the mayhem's Grand Guignol setting, of course.
The grand guignol aspect of the lobby, the concierge's hideously contorted cubby-hole, set in a definitive rictus, satisfies their imagination.
However it turns out, this less than Grand Guignol ought to provide a warning to Republicans.
Like Larkin's, this is the poetry liberalism deserves, toxic enough to kill insects, seeing things as they are, without uplift or piety--seeing each amoral, gibbering detail, cataloguing each fainting patron at history's Grand Guignol.
Science seems to have fallen by the wayside here in favor of Grand Guignol, but MacDonald keeps the story on track and traces the travels of Lanney's bones to London in the 1870s.
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1) Per qualche tempo, in seguito all'uscita deli'antologia Gioventu Cannibale edita da Einaudi hei '96, l'esegesi critica tendeva generalmente ad identificare gli autori dei Novanta appunto come i Cannibali, ovvero come narratori di storie brevi all'insegna dell'effetto forte, della violenza e dei gran guignol e in loro rintracciava, frettolosamente, soprattutto l'influenza del cinema americano di genere e in particolare quella del Pulp Fiction di Quentin Tarantino.
But, too often, "Huff" plays as though it's been written by someone huffing paint thinner, as the lives of Huff and those around him play out as some Grand Guignol parody of a social satire.
Starting in 1897, the torture theater of France's Grand Guignol brought simulated violence to new extremes.