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Supporters cheered in court and clapped as the not guilty verdict was read out.
Legal expert William Booth predicted a guilty verdict in the case, saying that a person who shot four bullets in the toilet has to be sure that he is going to hit someone.
After nearly 12 hours of deliberations, the court in Florence reinstated the guilty verdict first handed down against Knox and Raffaele Sollecito in 2009.
He claimed the jury's guilty verdicts were undermined due to the risk that one of the panel may have been prejudiced against him.
Fraser told the judge to "do the right thing" by overturning the guilty verdict the jury delivered in May.
Giving judgment, Lord Judge said Pardon had been disappointed in the guilty verdict, as he had been one of the two who disagreed with the majority decision.
In regards to the not guilty verdict rendered by the jury, Perry was shocked as the nation that followed the trial.
The Albanian, who was assisted by an interpreter during his trial, thanked the jury after the unanimous not guilty verdict was announced.
So, none of us should be completely surprised if a guilty verdict is returned.
A guilty verdict didn't even seem to be on his mind.
Summary: Serious investors will 'not stop investing' in Russia in light of a guilty verdict for oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky.
Patel did not visibly react when the guilty verdict was read out or when he was led away to jail.