Guimaraes Rosa, Joao

Guimarāes Rosa, Joāo


Born 1908 in the state of Minas Gerais; died 1968, in Rio de Janeiro. Brazilian writer. Physician by education.

Guimarāes Rosa’s novellas from the collections Sagarana (1946), Corps de Ballet (1956), and First Stories (1962) depict Brazilian national psychology and popular speech. His novel Paths Along the Great Sertāo (1956), awarded many national prizes, is in the form of a peasant’s monologue, recounting his life and search for justice. The novel gives a broad picture of the life of the inhabitants of the Brazilian plains (sertāo), reproduces popular speech, and depicts the spiritual world of the peasant.


En memoria de J. Guimarāes Rosa. Rio de Janeiro, 1968.