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, Basque Euzkadi, Span. País Vasco, comprising the provinces of Álava, Guipúzcoa, and Vizcaya (1990 pop. 2,159,701), N Spain, S of the Bay of Biscay and bordering on France in the northeast.
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She had an uncle still living, a very effective Carlist, too, the priest of a little mountain parish in Guipuzcoa.
As to the time, it is easily fixed by the events at about the middle years of the seventies, when Don Carlos de Bourbon, encouraged by the general reaction of all Europe against the excesses of communistic Republicanism, made his attempt for the throne of Spain, arms in hand, amongst the hills and gorges of Guipuzcoa.
In addition to Asier, the management team comprises three more partners: Nerea Bengoa Arzac and Eider Ibarzabal Barrenechea - both also members of the Instituto de Censores Jurados de Cuentas de Espana and of the Colegio Vasco de Economistas - and Jonathan Felgueroso Conde, a lawyer and member of the Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Guipuzcoa.
But we are also very proud to have worked with local businesses, most from the Spanish region of Guipuzcoa, with entrepreneurs that promote economy and jobs that are close to us.
In Spain the main references are the Botin Foundation in Santander, and the research group lead by Fernandez-Berrocal in Malaga who are implementing these programs in Guipuzcoa, Catalonia and Malaga indicating the benefits obtained in the EI training.
Basque in the sun Donastia is Basque for San Sebastian and is a pretty coastal resort wrapped in river, sea and mountains and is the capital of Guipuzcoa, the smallest province in Spain.
Eight sets of the six- coach Metro trains to run on this line are being manufactured at Guipuzcoa in Spain.
La Riera in Asturias (Straus & Clark 1986), El Rascano in Cantabria (Gonzalez Echegaray & Barandiaran 1981) and Ekain in Guipuzcoa (Altuna & Merino 1984).
of Industry Province Patents (1958) Albacete 3 1,852 Alicante 163 17,475 Balearic Islands 43 9,454 Barcelona 67 1,619 Burgos 6 175 Castellon 2 3,725 Gerona 8 250 Guipuzcoa 13 364 La Rioja 13 2,414 Madrid 33 541 Malaga 3 81 Murcia 3 757 Navarra 3 628 Pontevedra 8 217 Salamanca 10 64 Tarragona 4 136 Valencia 6 1,390 Vizcaya 2 374 Zaragoza 14 2,311 Others 7 3,886 Total 411 49,671 % of % of % of Footwear Patents/ Patents Employees % of Footwear Province (over the Spanish total) Employees Albacete 0.
4125 Poligono Usabal, 1 Tolosa, Guipuzcoa E-20400 Spain 34-943-67-00-55 Fax: 34-943-67-58-90 s.
The former Burncoat High star flew back to his home in Kentucky Tuesday after he was honored as MVP of Bruesa Guipuzcoa Basket, his team in Spain's top professional basketball league.
Antropologia de la denticion en las cuevas sepulcrales de la Edad del Bronce de Guipuzcoa.