Güiraldes, Ricardo

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Güiraldes, Ricardo

(rēkär`dō gwēräl`dās), 1886–1927, Argentine writer. He spent his boyhood on a ranch where he learned the ways of the gauchos, later traveling to Europe. In his novels and short stories he applied postmodernist techniques to Argentine regional themes. His masterpiece, Don Segundo Sombra (1926, tr. Shadows in the Pampas, 1935), in part autobiographical, captured the heroic spirit of the gaucho amid exquisite descriptions of the pampas.

Güiraldes, Ricardo


Born Feb. 13, 1886, in Buenos Aires; died Nov. 11, 1927, in Paris. Argentine writer. Güiraldes’ most famous novel was Don Segundo Sombra (1926; Russian translation, 1960), in which he celebrated the life and labor of the gauchos—the freedom-loving cowboys of the South American pampas.


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