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1. a consummate master of musical technique and artistry
2. a connoisseur, dilettante, or collector of art objects



a musician, performer, or artist who brilliantly overcomes considerable technical difficulties. The term “virtuoso” is applied primarily to music performers—instrumentalists and vocalists. The art of the virtuoso is inextricably linked with artistic inspiration, which captivates the audience and facilitates a brilliant and memorable interpretation of a work. Virtuosity allows the substance of a musical work to reach the listener with maximum completeness. However, when the performer is preoccupied with virtuosity in a one-sided manner, substance is relegated to the background and even falls victim to a demonstration of technical mastery in playing.


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Flamenco-jazz guitar virtuoso Eduardo Niebla is the headliner of the Cairo Jazz Fest.
A ripping solo by guitar virtuoso Jason McGuire ("El Rubio"), musical director of Caminos Flamencos (he also accompanied throughout the evening, as did the singers and percussionist), blazed as brightly as the stars in the outdoor venue.
Which rock guitar virtuoso played the solo on Michael Jackson's hit single "Beat It"?
The keynote was followed by Mike Rayburn, an award-winner speaker and entertainer known as the World's Funniest Guitar Virtuoso, who challenged our self-imposed limitations with the question "Why not?
com)-- MTS Management Group and renowned metal guitar virtuoso, Xander Demos (James Rivera, Sabbath Judas Sabbath, XDB) has announced the track listing for his upcoming EP release, scheduled for late spring.
After an amazing performance with his brother Phil at the Sydney Olympic Games Closing Ceremony, the world wanted to know who this mysterious Australian guitar virtuoso was.
Guitar virtuoso Martin Simpson, melodeon maestro Andy Cutting and fiddle wizard Nancy Kerr have performed together on stage in various combinations in recent years and have united for tonight's show.
He has recorded and appeared with rock giants Brian May and Midge Ure, jazz guitar virtuoso Martin Taylor and classical T guitarist Raymond Burley.
Already this year, audiences at its monthly guest nights have enjoyed music from the likes of English folk legend Martin Carthy, blues guitarist Pete Molinari - who has won praise from Bruce Springsteen - Dire Straits co-founder Dave Knopfler and American guitar virtuoso Stefan Grossman.
And if all that was not enough, Italian guitar virtuoso Antonio Forcione plays on Sunday at Marsden Mechanics.
Yes, I've heard of Accept, and no, it's not too loud and we're not too old," laughs the Yorkshire gagmeister who'll be performing in Abergavenny later this month with long-term collaborator and guitar virtuoso Ronnie Golden.
Guitar virtuoso Miller has been playing in Robert Plant's band and Lauderdale is on the Nashville A-list.