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one of the major and most economically and culturally advanced peoples of India. The Gujaratis, who number approximately 26 million people (1970, estimate), live mainly in the state of Gujarat. They speak the Gujarati language and have their own writing system and a well-developed literature. Most Gujaratis are Hindus, although there are many who profess Islam, Jainism, Parsiism, and Christianity. The chief occupation (approximately 70 percent) is the farming of rice, wheat, millet, sugarcane, and cotton. (Cotton accounts for approximately 40 percent of the cultivated land area.) Handicrafts, including handweaving, metalworking, and jewelry making, are well developed. The Gujarati industrial proletariat constitutes one of the largest sections of India’s working class, and the financial and industrial bourgeoisie occupies a leading position in the country’s economy. The Gurjara people, known in India since the early Middle Ages, provided the ethnic basis of the Gujaratis.


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Modiji has betrayed the trust that Gujaratis had reposed in him".
While Sharma seems to be having a ball with her Gujarati accent and exaggerated coltish mannerisms, Khan looks haggard and underwhelmed.
The Gujarati government organises an annual International Kite Flying festival on Janurary 14 to coincide with Uttarayan, and it attracts hundreds of kite flyers from all over the world.
Barely two months later, it is obvious that the Maharashtrians are not going to take Gujarati (or Jain) diktats lying down in their own state and cities - significant is the fact that both the Shiv Sena and the Maharshtra Navnirman Sena at last found common cause in this meat issue and took to defying the ban by selling meat openly on the streets.
John Mattausch, who has been researching and publishing on British-Gujarati history for sixteen years, argues that "chance" helped Gujaratis succeed in the diaspora.
If Gujarat is so good that every international company is vying to be here then why don't Gujaratis living in Africa, Europe and America come back to their original land and invest in the State?
The team will now produce training information for staff who work alongside the Kirklees Gujarati community and help deliver training sessions for staff and others on mental health in Gujarat.
Back-translation of both scales by skilled bilingual workers was followed by testing for language discrepancies in Bengali pensioners attending a community centre, Somali residents of a Seaman's Mission, `white' elders from a Bethnal Green general practice and Gujaratis and whites from a Finchley general practice, all of whom were excluded from the main study.
It fills me with pride to see the Gujarati spirit of trade and entrepreneurship stronger than ever both here in India, and in the UK.
Around 25 million PIOs live in 130 countries and of them six million are Gujaratis
I thank everybody present here and all the Gujaratis for providing me this opportunity of serving you all," he added.
However, a journalist with a Gujarati TV channel, waiting to attend a press conference to be addressed by union minister Anand Sharma, at the Congress office, said, "Everyone understands that Narendra Modi has certainly brought development to the state but deep down every Gujarati knows that this is possible only because Gujaratis as a community are extremely hardworking, innovative and are not a laid back society.