Gulf War

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Gulf War:

see Persian Gulf WarPersian Gulf Wars,
two conflicts involving Iraq and U.S.-led coalitions in the late 20th and early 21st cent.

The First Persian Gulf War, also known as the Gulf War, Jan.–Feb.
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; Iran-Iraq WarIran-Iraq War,
1980–88, protracted military conflict between Iran and Iraq. It officially began on Sept. 22, 1980, with an Iraqi land and air invasion of western Iran, although Iraqi spokespersons maintained that Iran had been engaging in artillery attacks on Iraqi towns
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He projected that, under normal circumstances, less than one case of ALS per year would be expected to occur in the Gulf War veteran population in 1991.
policy toward Iraq following the end of the 1991 Gulf War.
At the outbreak of the first Gulf War, Turnipseed is hanging out in coffee houses reading and discussing great ideas while being AWOL from his marine reserve unit.
But the judge who heard the appeal earlier this year cast doubt on the wider implications of the case, to recognise Gulf War Syndrome (GWS) .
The judgment states: "The tribunal finds the appellant was vaccinated with a concoction of drugs prior to planned deployment in the Gulf War.
Andras Korenyi-Both says he "unintentionally opened a Pandora Box" by researching the causes of Gulf War Syndrome.
Another Gulf War may result in even more problems for us.
They also "would argue against" the position that Gulf War maladies were caused by toxins present in the war zone environment.
support units were of mixed gender, women wound up serving farther forward in the Gulf War than ever before.
It found that only 24% of Gulf War veterans reporting physical disabilities had any formal psychiatric disorder such as depression, anxiety or alcoholrelated problems - a similar rate to disabled non-Gulf War veterans.
Prime Minister Tony Blair told MPs last week that the UK Government is working with US officials to find a cause for Gulf War syndrome.
After the Gulf War, for instance, demands for eliminating what at the time was an outright ban on gay personnel reached a fever pitch, leading to President Clinton's aborted attempt to liberalize the point after taking office in 1993.