Gulf of Alaska

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Alaska, Gulf of


an open gulf in the Pacific Ocean between the Alaskan Peninsula and the North American mainland. The Gulf of Alaska is more than 2,200 km wide at its mouth and reaches a depth of 5,659 m. The archipelagoes of Kodiak, Alexander, and the Queen Charlotte Islands are located in the Gulf of Alaska. Tides are semidiurnal, reaching 12 m, and mixed, reaching 6.8 m. The chief ports are Seward in Alaska and Prince Rupert in Canada. The Russian geographer F. P. Litke established the first marine observatory in the Pacific Ocean in 1840 on Baranof Island in the Gulf of Alaska. There is a fishing industry.

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Identification photographs of killer whales were obtained from the waters of Prince William Sound, Kenai Fjords National Park, and the adjacent coastal waters of the northern Gulf of Alaska (Fig.
In 1991, NMFS completed a consultation on proposed groundfish harvest specifications, pursuant to Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act (ESA), and concluded that the spatial and temporal compression of Gulf of Alaska walleye pollock, Theragra chalcogramma, fisheries could create competition for prey and thus contribute to the decline of sea lions (Fritz et al.
And there was a close encounter of the Spirit of Cardiff kind to keep the crew on their toes as they cross the Gulf of Alaska.
1998) speculated that sablefish use currents to travel throughout the Gulf of Alaska and up and down North America's west coast.
Rebound in Baltic and Gulf of Alaska resources points to better year.
The company currently has microturbine products operating on oil & gas platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, Bay of Campeche, Gulf of Alaska, the North Sea, Mediterranean Sea and South China Sea.
Princess, named "Best Cruise Line in Alaska" six years running, will have seven ships in the region sailing the Gulf of Alaska as well as Inside Passage on 7 to 11-day voyages.
And then from Juneau it goes out into the Gulf of Alaska where it hits another fiber cable where it runs down and there s another junction box that then breaks off and goes to Ketchikan.
With winds reported at up to 60 miles an hour and Gulf of Alaska seas of up to 35 feet, responders were unable to keep the ship from grounding, said Coast Guard Commander Shane Montoya, the leader of the incident command team.
parmifera dominating the catches in the Bering Sea and, to a lesser extent, in the Aleutian Islands region, and species of the genus Raja dominating catches in the Gulf of Alaska.
and founding board member of the Gulf of Alaska Coastal Communities Coalition (GOAC3) agrees.