Gulf of Alaska

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Alaska, Gulf of


an open gulf in the Pacific Ocean between the Alaskan Peninsula and the North American mainland. The Gulf of Alaska is more than 2,200 km wide at its mouth and reaches a depth of 5,659 m. The archipelagoes of Kodiak, Alexander, and the Queen Charlotte Islands are located in the Gulf of Alaska. Tides are semidiurnal, reaching 12 m, and mixed, reaching 6.8 m. The chief ports are Seward in Alaska and Prince Rupert in Canada. The Russian geographer F. P. Litke established the first marine observatory in the Pacific Ocean in 1840 on Baranof Island in the Gulf of Alaska. There is a fishing industry.

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In Alaska, the fish is widely distributed from the Bering Sea to the Gulf of Alaska.
Specimens of the North Pacific giant octopus were obtained from the Gulf of Alaska from commercial fishermen during February 2010, the Alaska Fisheries Science Center bottom-trawl survey of the Gulf of Alaska in the summer of 2011, and charter operations near Kodiak Island during the period from May 2010 to December 2011.
The book is somewhat uneven, and even curious, in the depth and breadth of subject coverage, perhaps because even 17 years of study, the last 7 under the Gulf of Alaska Ecosystem Monitoring and Research Program (GEM), have been insufficient to document fully the environmental change processes in the Gulf.
Callers in 2006 include Celebrity, RCI, Princess, and HAL--which has 18 calls scheduled on Gulf of Alaska cruises aboard the Statendam.
In 1991, NMFS completed a consultation on proposed groundfish harvest specifications, pursuant to Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act (ESA), and concluded that the spatial and temporal compression of Gulf of Alaska walleye pollock, Theragra chalcogramma, fisheries could create competition for prey and thus contribute to the decline of sea lions (Fritz et al.
The Trans-Alaska Pipeline transports about two million barrels of oil each day between Prudhoe Bay on the Arctic Ocean and the port of Valdez in the Gulf of Alaska.
Coastal archaeological sequences in the Gulf of Alaska region, from the eastern Aleutian Islands (Alaska) to the Queen Charlotte Islands (British Columbia), show common descent from founding Paleoarctic populations in the early Holocene, a high level of continued interaction through time, and shared trajectories of maritime adaptation.
Born of tectonic disturbances along the North Pacific's so-called "Rim of Fire," scraped clean and sculpted geologically during recent ice ages, raked each winter by violent storms coming in from the Gulf of Alaska, the place has been fought over by Haida and Tlingit natives whose cultures converged here.
False Pass, located on the eastern side of Unimak Island on Isanotski Strait in the Aleutian Islands, 646 air miles southwest of Anchorage, is an important refueling stop for Gulf of Alaska, Bristol Bay, and Bering Sea fishing fleets.
8 earthquake struck western Canada near the Gulf of Alaska Thursday, the U.
The Port of Homer and Homer Small Boat Harbor are regional facilities serving and supporting the northern Gulf of Alaska, Prince William Sound, Cook Inlet, and Kachemak Bay and are also a place of refuge for Gulf of Alaska, Cook Inlet, and Kennedy Entrance marine traffic in event of severe weather or machinery malfunctions.