Anadyr Gulf

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Anadyr’ Gulf


a gulf of the Bering Sea which lies between the Chukotsk Peninsula and the Asian mainland. It is 278 km in length, about 400 km in breadth at its mouth, and up to 100–105 m in depth. At the head of the gulf are Sviatoi Krest Bay and the Anadyr’ estuary. The Anadyr’ River discharges into Onemen Gulf. Much of the year the Anadyr’ Gulf is covered with floating ice. The tides are semidiurnal but in the south are of mixed character. They reach 3 m in height. The city of Anadyr’ is located on the shore of the gulf.

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Lawrence Island to stage in the northern Gulf of Anadyr (Fig.
From the Gulf of Anadyr, birds proceeded northward across the Chukotka Peninsula (minimum overland distance of ~215 km).
evermanni is given as the Sea of Okhotsk and northern Sea of Japan to the Gulf of Anadyr, western and eastern Bering Sea, Aleutian Islands, and southwestern Gulf of Alaska (Love and others 2005).
Some bowheads moved north annually through Bering Strait, while others remained in the Gulf of Anadyr and the northwestern Bering Sea.
Russian researchers, in collaboration with Chukotkan natives, have identified three groups of bowheads: 1) a group that remains in the Gulf of Anadyr and the waters north of St.
In the Pacific, they extend from California to the Gulf of Anadyr off the coast of Siberia, but are extremely rare.
One whale (B08-12) passed Sireniki (westbound) on 14 January and then returned (eastbound) on 16 January; however, whales generally did not enter the Gulf of Anadyr.
However, one whale (B09-01) passed Sireniki on 19 November and remained in the Gulf of Anadyr until approximately 30 November.
1): 1) Liaodong Gulf (Huang, 1962; Wang, 1986; Dong and Shen, 1991); 2) Peter the Great Bay (Kosygin and Tikhomirov, 1970; Trukhin and Kosygin, 1988); 3) the western coast of Sakhalin Island in the Tatar Strait; 4) the eastern coast of Sakhalin Island extending to northern Hokkaido; 5) northern Shelikova Gulf (Fedoseev, 1970; Kosygin and Gol'tsev, 1971; Shaughnessy and Fay, 1977); 6) northeast from Kronotsky Cape on the eastern side of the Kamchatka Peninsula (Burkanov(4)) to Olyutorski Gulf; 7) the Gulf of Anadyr in the Northwest Bering Sea; and 8) from Bristol Bay, Alaska, to west of the Pribilof Islands (Gol'tsev et al.
Our results indicate that the beginning of the spring migration of bowhead whales out of the Gulf of Anadyr varies by up to 30 days between cold and mild years, but in both cases, the area migration continues at least until 20 June.
Beluga whales (Delphinapterus leucas) are abundant in the coastal waters of Chukotka, Russia, distributed from the Gulf of Anadyr to the Chukchi Sea (Tomilin, 1957; Kleinenberg et al.
Sabine's gulls are believed to winter in the Gulf of Anadyr near the southern peninsula coast (Trukhin and Kosygin, 1987).