Gulf of Carpentaria

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Carpentaria, Gulf of

(kärpəntâr`ēə), arm of the Arafura Sea, 305 mi (491 km) wide and 370 mi (595 km) long, indenting the northern coast of Australia. On its eastern shore, near Weipa, lies a vast bauxite deposit. Willem Jansz explored the gulf in 1606.

Carpentaria, Gulf of


a bay of the Arafura Sea on the northern shore of Australia, between Cape York Peninsula and Arnhem Land. It cuts inland for 600 km. The maximum depth of the gulf is 69 m. The average monthly temperature of the water on the surface in the greater part of the gulf is 23°C to 25°C in winter and 29°C in summer. The gulfs salinity is 34.8 parts per thousand. The tides are irregular and semidiurnal; their heights reach 3.2 m. There are strong tidal currents near the shore.

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This was reinforced when a Victorian settler Duncan McIntyre, while searching for land towards the Gulf of Carpentaria, came upon trees marked 'L' and two aged horses along the Flinders River.
So, in 1968, she was posted to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Mothers and Babies in Melbourne, Australia, before moving north to work with the Aborigines at Groote Eyland in the Gulf of Carpentaria and Oenpelli on the mainland.
5) It is as part of this experience that Pacific Islanders found themselves in Queensland in areas such as the Gulf of Carpentaria, Cape York, Torres Strait and in eastern New Guinea.
In December 1997, Tropical Cyclone Sid in the Gulf of Carpentaria west of Cape York Peninsula produced northerly winds of 36 to 72 km/hour, which were capable of carrying mosquitoes from New Guinea to the Northern peninsula area on December 27 (Figure 2).
Age structure of Holocene coastal sediments, Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia, Radiocarbon 22: 718-27.
Raptis processes and distributes a large proportion of the seafood caught in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Northern Territory, Queensland's East Coast and Southern Australian waters.
If the Australian government cannot protect the dugong in the Great Barrier Reef region, an area far more valuable for its ecological integrity and its international appeal as a tourist destination (worth $800 million a year as opposed to the $3 million a year for the net fishery) than as a natural resource ripe for exploitation, it will certainly not be able to protect the dugong in the Gulf of Carpentaria, the Torres Strait, and Western Australia.
The third division seems to have followed along the bottom of the Gulf of Carpentaria to its most south-easterly bight, and then turned off by the first practicable line in a direction towards Fort Bourke, upon the Darling.
Glenn Murcutt was asked by Marmburra Marika, a distinguished Aboriginal artist, and her husband Mark Alderton to design a house for them in the Yirrkala Aboriginal settlement near Gove in Arnhem Land, deep in the tropics on the north-west corner of the Gulf of Carpentaria.
Adjacent to the Gulf of Papua, Poiner and Harris (1986) also noted such a change due to the impact of commercial prawn trawling in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia.
The spokesman said that, in addition to its own long-term requirements and the South Australian market, the government is examining the use of natural gas as an energy source for potential large-scale mining operations in the region straddling the Northern Territory - Queensland border south of the Gulf of Carpentaria.