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Thailand, Gulf of,


Gulf of Siam,

shallow arm of the South China Sea, c.500 mi (800 km) long and up to 350 mi (560 km) wide, separating the Malay Peninsula from E Thailand, Cambodia, and S Vietnam. Bangkok, the gulf's chief port, is at the mouth of the Chao Phraya River.

Thailand, Gulf of


(Gulf of Siam), a gulf of the South China Sea between the Malay Peninsula and the southeastern part of the peninsula of Indochina. The gulf cuts deep inland for a distance of 720 km; the width at the entrance is approximately 400 km. Depths reach 70 m. Tides are diurnal and have a range of 4 m. The Chao Phraya River empties into the head of the gulf. The seaport of Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, is situated 30 km inland, on the Chao Phraya.

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And he has knowledge: he understands completely the passage from the Gulf of Siam to Britain.
The two countries also have maritime overlapping areas in the Gulf of Siam where gas reserves are believed to exist.
One poor management communication came from a hotelier in an unaffected resort area on the Gulf of Siam.
According to the indictment handed down Tuesday, all four women claim they were forced to work long hours in oppressive working conditions at Veerapol's home and restaurant, the Gulf of Siam in Woodland Hills.
The properties are located in Luang Prabang, the ancient royal capital of Laos; Koh Samui on the Gulf of Siam in Thailand; Rangoon, Burma, in the former palace of the Shan Province governor; Siem Reap, Cambodia close to the famous temples of Angkor Wat; and Bali, Indonesia where the property occupies a beach location superior to all other hotels on the island.
Attorney's Office announced Wednesday that a federal grand jury indicted 52-year-old Supawan Verapol, a Thai national, on charges that she smuggled the two women into the country and forced them to work at her home and the Gulf of Siam restaurant she once operated on Ventura Boulevard.
Verapol operated the Gulf of Siam restaurant at 22984 Ventura Blvd.
Nestled on the Gulf of Siam, Sheraton Hua Hin Resort & Spa offers deluxe accommodations, panoramic ocean views, and a coveted address in Hua Hin, Thailand's premier beach community Owned by Grande Asset Development Public Company Limited, Sheraton Hua Hin Resort & Spa will also integrate warm, personalized service and a host of comforting amenities into the vacation experience.