Gulf of Sidra

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Sidra, Gulf of

(sĭd`rə), Arab. Khalij Surt, arm of the Mediterranean Sea, lying between Misratah and Benghazi, Libya. Tuna fishing is an important economic activity.

Sidra, Gulf of


(also Khalij Surt), a gulf of the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Libya. The Gulf of Sidra extends inland 115 km. It measures 465 km at the entrance and has a maximum depth of 1,374 m. Tides are semidiurnal and measure 0.4 m. Ports on the gulf include Bengasi, Marsa el Brega, and Es Sider, the last two of which are used for the export of oil.

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RED LINE--Colonel Qadhdhafi's Libya claimed all of the Gulf of Sidra.
The story concludes by looking at what the Air Force harvested from this project--from the combat performance over the Gulf of Sidra, to the war in the Balkans, to the skies over Iraq.
shooting down of two Libyan jets over the Gulf of Sidra on August 19, 1981, after one had fired a heat-seeking missile
Perhaps more effectively than any other man I have known, the President is able to give his full concentration to the issue at hand; then take a deep breath, clear his mind, and give the same concentration to the next matter he deals with--whether a crisis in the Gulf of Sidra or a photograph with Marvelous Marvin.
Along the way he weaves in Qaddafi's attempt to incorporate the Gulf of Sidra under Libyan control.
The "provocation' could be a Nicaraguan incursion into Honduras, a Soviet arms shipment or something along the lines of the Gulf of Sidra maneuver used with such success against Quaddafi last spring.
ships in the Gulf of Sidra, falsely claiming to uphold freedom of the seas, so that his planes can kill and destroy with relative impunity.