Gulf of Sidra

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Sidra, Gulf of

(sĭd`rə), Arab. Khalij Surt, arm of the Mediterranean Sea, lying between Misratah and Benghazi, Libya. Tuna fishing is an important economic activity.

Sidra, Gulf of


(also Khalij Surt), a gulf of the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Libya. The Gulf of Sidra extends inland 115 km. It measures 465 km at the entrance and has a maximum depth of 1,374 m. Tides are semidiurnal and measure 0.4 m. Ports on the gulf include Bengasi, Marsa el Brega, and Es Sider, the last two of which are used for the export of oil.

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The company purchased the rights to explore for oil in Libya's Gulf of Sirte three years ago for pounds 585million.
It stretches south from the Gulf of Sirte and contains structures with strata of marine clastic and carbonate sediments.
Backed by NATO helicopters, the rebels, who have tried for the past three weeks to seize the vital port, also vowed that in "a few days" they plan to retake Brega on the Gulf of Sirte.
Nestled on the Gulf of Sirte, Brega is made up of three areas, a residential area in the east, a major oil facility in the west and an old town in between.
In total, there are around 600 troops on these three ships," he said, adding the vessels were heading for the Gulf of Sirte to Tripoli.
BP is due to drill at least five wells in the Gulf of Sirte, at depths greater than the Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico, which has raised worries about a similar ecological disaster.
High safety standards will be in place for the Gulf of Sirte operation, he added.
Offshore, there is a relatively narrow continental shelf and slope in the Mediterranean and the Gulf of Sirte, which widens to the west in the Gulf of Gabes.
ECDCO) is in talks with potential investors to revive its planned $54bn programme to turn the Gulf of Sirte in the east of the country into an industrial and energy hub.
They say that, 'In just a "a few days" they plan to retake the strategic oil hub of Brega, nestled on the Gulf of Sirte.