Gulf of Tonkin

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Tonkin, Gulf of,

NW arm of the South China Sea, c.300 mi (480 km) long and 150 mi (240 km) wide, between Vietnam and China. The shallow gulf (less than 200 ft/60 m deep) receives the Red River. Haiphong, Vietnam, and Peihai (Pakhoi), China, are the chief ports. An alleged attack (Aug., 1964) by North Vietnamese gunboats against U.S. naval forces stationed in the gulf led to increased U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War (see Tonkin Gulf ResolutionTonkin Gulf resolution,
in U.S. history, Congressional resolution passed in 1964 that authorized military action in Southeast Asia. On Aug. 4, 1964, North Vietnamese torpedo boats in the Gulf of Tonkin were alleged to have attacked without provocation U.S.
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Tonkin, Gulf of


(in Vietnamese, Bac Bo), a bay of the South China Sea on the shores of China and Vietnam.

The Gulf of Tonkin is separated from the open sea by the Luichow Peninsula and the island of Hainan. The gulf reaches 330 km inland. The width of the gulf at its entrance is 241 km, and its depth is 40–82 m. In the north, between Hainan and the continent, the Gulf of Tonkin is connected with the sea by the Hainan Strait. Tides are diurnal; high tide reaches 5.9 m. The port of Haiphong (Democratic Republic of Vietnam) is on the Gulf of Tonkin.

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say on the evening news that President Johnson was replacing the Constitution with the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.
The two started joint explorations in the Gulf of Tonkin, which lies to the north of hotly contested areas near the Paracel and Spratley islands, in 2006, and has been handled by state-owned Vietnam Oil & Gas Group, or PetroVietnam, and China National Offshore Oil Corp, or Cnooc.
The year before, he voted in favor of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, which gave a pass to President Lyndon Johnson to escalate the war after an attack by North Vietnam on an American patrol boat--an attack that never happened.
Tran Thanh Nam, chairman of Bhaya Cruises said, 'We aim to preserve the beauty of the Gulf of Tonkin for future generations by minimising the impact on the local environment, operating under the concept of sustainable tourism, and supporting local communities.
From President James Polk lying during the Mexican-American War to the Gulf of Tonkin incident, such events have been used to justify war on the basis of falsehoods, not to mention the use by the USA itself of chemical weapons (Agent Orange and napalm) in the Vietnam War.
E Stone, an unabashed leftist, was the first leading journalist to prove that the Gulf of Tonkin resolution--which paved the way for America's escalation of the Vietnam War--was knowingly based on faulty information.
The Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964 led to a lengthy US ground war in Vietnam.
Robert McNamara, Secretary of Defense during the Vietnam War, admitted in 2003 that America went to war in Vietnam on the false intelligence that North Vietnam had attacked a US destroyer in the Gulf of Tonkin.
Few believe that the ethically challenged Bush administration would hesitate to engineer its own Gulf of Tonkin to guarantee a GOP victory.
Halong Bay is in the Gulf of Tonkin about 100 miles east of the capital Hanoi.
Obama said today, adding: "There's no Gulf of Tonkin here.
The most endangered primate is the golden-headed langur, a monkey which only lives on a single island in Vietnam's Gulf of Tonkin.