an urban-type settlement in Karaganda Oblast, Kazakh SSR, located on the northern shore of Lake Balkash 65 km southwest of the city of Balkash. There is a vegetable and dairy sovkhoz in Gul’shad.

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The head of National HydrometeorologicalForecastingBureau Gulshad Mammadova said that rainy weather is expected in the first half of March.
Similar response to soil pH by various species has been observed in the studies conducted by Gulshad et al.
Byline: Gulshad Hasan, Hanan Moabber, Arwa Alyamani, Ahmed Sayeed and Faisal Altatar
Sajid, a resident of Airport, lodged a complaint with the local police that Gulshad, Bilal and Ishtiaq served his brother Amir alcohol and later they killed him in drunken state .
Talking to reporter, President All Pakistan EOBI Pensioners, Mubarik Hussain Gulshad, said more than 20,000 industrial workers, besides others, are registered with EOBI and receive pension from the institution of Rs.
Also at University Hospital, mum Gulshad Mehmood, 26, and dad Arshad, 36, from Foleshill, celebrated the birth of a baby boy, who is yet to be named, at 8.
We demand the government to build houses for us here so that we can live peacefully and earn a living," Gulshad, a riot victim living in one of the camps in Malakpur, said.
FAIRYTALE SCENES: Above, left, a peep inside the story boxes of Sana Arshad, left, and Misbah Naseem and, above right, a family gathering, from left, Yousuf Khan and Rukhsana Khan, Uzair Khalid and Saima Zia and Aishia Ayub and Gulshad Begum (PW140213Bboxes-06/03)
8 (ANI): Ashfaq Shaheed Camp President, Gulshad Ahmed Butt in a statement published in the daily Mahasib, which is published from Muzaffarabad, said Tuesday that he would like to go back to Indian Kashmir as things on the Pakistani side of Kashmir were worse in many ways.
Sun-seared rural "Kazak's illegal boxing circuit is the setting for this assured first feature by helmer Gulshad Omarova, co-writer of Sergei Bodrov Jr.
The died included Khawaja Muhammad Gulshad, Kashif Azam, Akram Gull, Wasal etc.