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, formerly Bougie
, city (1998 pop. 147,076), N Algeria, a port on the Gulf of Bejaïa (an arm of the Mediterranean Sea). The northern terminus of the Hassi Messaoud oil pipeline from the Sahara, Bejaïa is the principal oil port of the W
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, Algeria.
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Group G (n=32): the PLMA (The Laryngeal Mask Company, UK) was inserted using a Gum Elastic Bougie with rounded ends (Portex Tracheal Tube Introducer, Portex Ltd, UK) (Figure 1).
Gum Elastic Bougie guided insertion of Proseal[TM] laryngeal mask airway is superior to digital and introducer tool techniques.
The use of a gum elastic bougie in combination with a videolaryngoscope.
This involved (1) obtaining the best possible view of the hypopharynx with a Macintosh laryngoscope blade, (2) inserting a gum elastic bougie with its straight end first through the hypopharynx into the proximal 5 cm of the oesophagus and (3) railroading the ProSeal LMA along its drain tube into the pharynx.
Interestingly, all these groups used non-guided techniques for insertion and it is likely that success rates would have been higher and airway morbidity less if guided techniques, such as the use of a gum elastic bougie (9), had been used.
However, another method of insertion has recently been described by Brimacombe (2), which involves passing a gum elastic bougie though the drain tube (Figure 1), passing the tip of the bougie into the oesophagus using a laryngoscope (optional) and then sliding the ProSeal into the lower pharynx using the bougie as a guide.