Gun Carriage

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gun carriage

[′gən ‚kar·ij]
Mobile or fixed support for a gun; sometimes includes the elevating and traversing mechanisms.

Gun Carriage


a stand to which the barrel of an artillery gun is secured.

The purpose of the gun carriage is to set the barrel in the necessary position before firing (by means of laying mechanisms), to absorb (by antirecoil devices) the recoil energy during firing and transmit the forces arising to the ground (or the foundation of the mounting), and to move the gun. There are mobile carriages (on field guns, with wheels and tracks), semipermanent carriages (on a mobile base, for tank, self-propelled, ship, aircraft, and other guns), and permanent carriages (on an immobile base, for fortress and shore guns). The carriages of recoilless guns are secured to the barrel by rigidly fixed pivots.

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Yesterday, as the gun carriage emerged from the Queen's Chapel, part of St James's Palace, all these memories came back.
The gun carriage was drawn by 122 ratings, four chief officers and five officers from skps and naval establishment
Pall bearers from the Irish Guards will again carry the Queen Mother's coffin, surmounted by her crown, to the same horse-drawn gun carriage which took her body to Westminster Hall for her lying-in-state.
The Queen Mother's coffin, borne on a horsedrawn gun carriage and surmounted by her crown, which usually resides behind armoured glass at the Tower of London, will be taken from the Queen's Chapel at St James' Palace to the medieval setting of Westminster Hall where her body will lie in state.
08am: The gun carriage from The King's Troop, accompanied by an honour party from The Welsh Guards, leaves the Palace in silent procession, led by four mounted police officers.
The funeral cortege, with Nuneaton's hydraulic platform used as a gun carriage, will file past Polesworth fire station at 11am and take a salute from firefighters.
It had arrived atop a big-wheeled gun carriage with a cannon gun beneath it - the favored coffin conveyance of Great Britain's most notable since it was used at Queen Victoria's funeral in 1901.
In full regimental dress, pallbearers from his army pulled his coffin on a gun carriage to the family graveyard on his estate, near Pitlochry, Perthshire.
When millions of hard-working families are forced to tighten their belts amid the austerity imposed by the current Tory Premier, pushing out the gun carriage for a past Tory Premier is splitting the country further, not uniting it.
Clockwise from top, Prince Andrew, Prince Charles, The Duke of Edinburgh, Princess Anne and Prince Edward follow the gun carriage carrying the Queen Mother's coffin during the procession to move the body from Queen's Chapel to Westminster Hall; children play in St James Park yesterday morning; members of the Royal Navy march in front of the coffin; the Coronation Crown rests on top of the Queen Mother's coffin during the procession through the capital; more than 2,500 servicemen from Britain and the Commonwealth took part in the royal procession
After the pomp of Westminster that drew the eyes and tears of the world, her return to the village and home where Diana grew up as Diana Spencer was intended by her family to be as exclusively private as her coffin's procession on a gun carriage through central London had been public.