Gun Recoil

Recoil, Gun


the backward movement (displacement) of an artillery gun or just its barrel after being fired, caused by a rebound.

Old guns (until the late 19th century), whose barrels were rigidly fixed to the carriages, rolled backward after being fired. The idea of a flexible connection between the barrel and the carriage was first proposed and carried out in practice by the Russian designer V. S. Baranovskii in 1872. In present-day guns, which have a flexible connection between the barrel and the carriage in the form of antirecoil devices, only the barrel recoils. This provides gun stability during firing, the maximum rate of fire, and accuracy of hits.

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Water is shortening the life of M230 machine gun recoil mechanisms.
To further intensify the gaming experience, the dual controllers will deliver full force feedback, so every explosion or gun recoil can be felt in the gamer's hands.
In a study among recreational non-gun shot wound injuries, 43% were caused by gun recoil.
300 ULTRA MAGNUM POWER LEVEL AMMUNITION Load Bullet Velocity Charge Gun Recoil (power level) (weight, (fps) Weight Weight (ft-lbs) grains) (grains) (pounds) Standard 180 3,076 89.
There was Brad, Andrew Thornton, Jim Culloty, John Kavanagh, Brendan Powell, Woody himself and Adrian Maguire, who clearly thought that a day of being battered by gun recoil was the ideal way to recover from a broken neck.
The straight design of the stock with no drop at the heel and a pitch of zero combine to make the gun recoil straight back without any muzzle jump.
Aircraft vibration and gun recoil can cause chafing and holes in the hoses.
Sample force-feedback effects that could be incorporated in upcoming mouse games include gun recoil that differs by type of gun, slipping on ice, walking up or down hills, body blows in sports games, the precise click of a golf ball on a putter, wind, earthquakes, the motion of a train, opening a door, or the satisfying crunch of a battle axe making contact.
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