Shooting Range

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Shooting Range


a sports facility for shooting at targets with handguns or air guns for practice or competition. A shooting range consists of a gallery with a firing line, a firing zone measuring as long as the shooting distance, targets (usually mechanized), and an ammunition receptacle, as well as auxiliary rooms, service rooms, classrooms, and storage space for guns and cartridges. Depending on the size of the shooting range, shooting is allowed at distances of 10–300 m. The shooting range may be indoors, outdoors, or partially enclosed.

A complex of outdoor shooting ranges is called a sports shooting ground. Shooting stadiums, complexes of indoor and outdoor shooting ranges with specially equipped administration buildings and lodgings, are used for major competitions and championships.

Public recreation areas often have ranges for shooting with air guns and small-bore rifles.


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They all sell products connected with shooting or are gun ranges.
MT2 is leading the fight to protect Federal Air Marshalls and all law enforcement officers from the hazards of lead poisoning at gun ranges.
As the New York Times itself reported on August 28, quoting Last Stop gun range owner Sam Scarmado, '"In the last 14 years, we've probably had 100,000 people shoot five million rounds of ammunition, and of those, a thousand to two thousand of them were children,' he said.
But state occupational health and safety officials were conducting their own probe of the Monday morning incident that was captured on video at a gun range that caters in part to tourists visiting nearby Las Vegas.
The report mentioned that Pistorius, who is a well-known gun enthusiast, went to gun ranges regularly and the pictures illustrate not only his familiarity with weapons but also how much of a marksman he is.
Outstanding opportunity for an owner/operator to run an existing gun range and shop.
Tyres and scrap metal caught fire at Gun Range Farm in Shilton Lane, at about 1.
This is the moment a mother shot her own son dead at a gun range before killing herself.
The Defence Ministry has asked Cumbria Council to carry out works to protect the road at Marshside, near Eskmeals Gun Range, from the effects of coastal erosion.
In the 1990s, county assessor Bob Main revived the idea of a gun range and started looking for a good place to put it.
Imagine the surprise of her he-man "Sentinel" co-stars, Michael Douglas and Kiefer Sutherland, the day the movie's ex-Secret Service adviser took the three of them to a gun range for some training.
I'VE RECENTLY RETURNED FROM A VISIT TO Florida, which--friends and family will know--means that I've also recently returned from a visit to a gun range.