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Ben Gunn," he answered, and his voice sounded hoarse and awkward, like a rusty lock.
Aye, but you see," returned Ben Gunn, "I didn't mean giving me a gate to keep, and a suit of livery clothes, and such; that's not my mark, Jim.
As for you, Benjamin Gunn,' says they, 'here's a musket,' they says, 'and a spade, and pick-axe.
Then," he continued, "then you'll up, and you'll say this: Gunn is a good man (you'll say), and he puts a precious sight more confidence--a precious sight, mind that--in a gen'leman born than in these gen'leman of fortune, having been one hisself.
It weren't quite a chapel, but it seemed more solemn like; and then, says you, Ben Gunn was short-handed--no chapling, nor so much as a Bible and a flag, you says.
Partly, Miss Ladbrook felt that her own skirt must be regarded as unduly lax by the Miss Gunns, and partly, that it was a pity the Miss Gunns did not show that judgment which she herself would show if she were in their place, by stopping a little on this side of the fashion.
Miss Nancy, whose thoughts were always conducted with the propriety and moderation conspicuous in her manners, remarked to herself that the Miss Gunns were rather hard-featured than otherwise, and that such very low dresses as they wore might have been attributed to vanity if their shoulders had been pretty, but that, being as they were, it was not reasonable to suppose that they showed their necks from a love of display, but rather from some obligation not inconsistent with sense and modesty.
Three of the ladies quickly retired, but the Miss Gunns were quite content that Mrs.
Priscilla here turned to the Miss Gunns, rattling on in too much preoccupation with the delight of talking, to notice that her candour was not appreciated.
Sister," said Nancy, when they were alone, "you've offended the Miss Gunns, I'm sure.
Gunn, 46, said she fell "head over heels'' for the emotionally layered drama about a boy's murder and the distrust and anger it unleashes in a placid community.
A unit of Willis Group Holdings, Insurance broker Willis North America has selected Andrew Gunn as managing partner of Willis Cleveland, Ohio, operations.