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see killifishkillifish,
any of more than a thousand species of small fish of the several families of the order Cyprinodontiformes (toothed minnows or toothed carps), a group that includes also the topminnows and many popular aquarium fishes (e.g.
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; mollymolly
or mollie,
New World fish of the genus Poecilia, which includes the guppy or rainbow fish, Poecilia reticulata. Mollies, which are related to the killifishes, are found from the E and central United States to Argentina.
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(Lebistes reticulatus), a fish of the family Poeciliidae of the order Cyprinoidae. The males measure up to 4 cm long and the females, up to 6 cm. The coloration of the males is a combination of black, red, light blue, silver, and gold tones. The females are gray, sometimes gold. The guppy is found in the freshwaters of Venezuela, northern Brazil, Guiana, and the islands of Barbados and Trinidad. It is one of the most popular aquarium fish. A number of varieties have been bred which are larger and more brightly colored than the original form, with elongated caudal (trailing) or dorsal fins (scarf).


Il’in, M . N. Akvariumnoe rybovodstvo, 2nd ed. Moscow, 1968.


a small brightly coloured freshwater viviparous cyprinodont fish, Lebistes reticulatus, of N South America and the Caribbean: a popular aquarium fish
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After death, male guppies can keep on siring offspring because females store sperm for so long.
The study was focused purely on guppies, so other breeds of fish may jump for other reasons.
The orange patches on male guppies are made up of two pigments: carotenoids (which they ingest in their diets and are yellow) and drosopterins (which are red and which their bodies produce).
The guppies - initially numbering 45 but increased to 55 after a Pompidou official said they could do with a few more - came from Lister Fisheries, based in a former swimming baths in Old Swan.
Just as the guppies have become the symbols of the hotel's rebirth -- since The Oberoi's reopening less than two months ago, Fenix has welcomed 200 newborn guppies and many more fish are pregnant.
Guppies were collected from the sewage drains near Garia, Kolkata, India and were kept in the laboratory in batches of four in glass aquaria of 15x15x12" containing 25 L of water (pond: sewage 1:1), at a temperature of 27-30[degrees]C.
Male guppies A tropical favourite due to their colourful and extravagant tails.
At least the guy gulping guppies while sitting in a box of scorpions has a shot a big cash prize.
In one comical scene, the CEO fights a school of guppies.
She notes that the entry process can be intimidating, when big fish suddenly become guppies.
Reduced sperm counts in guppies (Poecilia reticulate) following exposure to low levels of tributyltin and bisphenol A.
Customers won't find guppies and goldfish at North Side, though, because large chain stores have that market cornered, Lube said.