Gupta Corporation

Gupta Corporation

The vendor of SQLWindows.

Gupta Corporation provides application development and deployment software for client-server applications, consisting of a relational database, application development tools and transparent connectivity software.

Gupta employs 400 people in 15 offices worldwide, including the United States, Europe and Asia. Gupta's 1993 fiscal year income was $5.6 million and their revenue was $56.1 million. Gupta sells client-server system components for networks of personal computers.

Address: 1060 Marsh Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA.

Telephone: +1 (415) 321 9500. Fax: +1 (415) 321 5471.
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The company started life as Gupta Corporation and a PC relational database management specialist but fell on particularly hard times during 1994.
Centura Software, formerly Gupta Corporation, debuted Centura net.
com, Continuus Software, Gupta Corporation, Lotus Development, and Nantucket Corporation.
With nearly 20 years of operations and professional services experience, Derak's track record includes building and managing global support and services organizations for Marimba, Edify Corporation, and Gupta Corporation.
Taussig has held global operations positions with leading enterprise application providers including Gupta Corporation (now Centura Software Corporation) where he served as senior vice president North American operations and with Unify Corporation, an e-commerce application software company.
He left Oracle to become Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Centura Software Corporation (Nasdaq:CNTR), formerly known as Gupta Corporation, which he grew into one of the world's leading independent software tools and database companies by 1994.
Prior to Skire, he was CFO at Arbor Software (now Hyperion Solutions) and at Gupta Corporation (now Centura Software).
Other accomplishments include building a $600 million direct marketing business for Sprint and a $25 million direct marketing business for Gupta Corporation.
Gupta was given the award in "honor of his taking the first Indian-founded software company public on the Nasdaq exchange when Gupta Corporation became a publicly traded company in 1993 and for his string of entrepreneurial successes, which include writing Oracle Corporation's first business plan in 1981, as employee number 17 of Oracle.
In addition, Birtles developed the European business for relational database vendor, Ingres, growing it from $0 to $80 million in 5 years as well doing the same work at Gupta Corporation (subsequently renamed Centura), where he grew their international business from $2 million to $30 million in 3 years before becoming Gupta's executive vice president of Sales Worldwide.
and as vice president and controller at the former Gupta Corporation, a software developer now known as Centura Software.
Other key roles in the software industry have included vice president of marketing for Gupta Corporation (now Centura Software Corporation) where Ressler restored growth and drove revenues to the highest levels ever achieved by the company.